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Benjamin L. Roden

The Court Reporting Committee

BL 45

The Court Reporting Committee

Waco, Texas 76703

Dear Sirs:

We are hastening these few lines to you to more fully acquaint you with the situation regarding the court proceedings over the New Mt. Carmel property.

The Davidians are fearful that Mt. Carmel is just for one group. One may point out to them that the Supreme Court of Texas has judged that the property belongs to ALL those who paid a second tithe up until March 11, 1962.

The following quote is taken from the official Court Notice, No. 51246: "You are further notified that the principal real properties belonging to the Second Tithes identified above, is a tract of 77.86 acres of land, more or less, lying and being situated near Waco, in McLennan County, Texas, which properties have for some time been used and operated in caring for the Second Tithers in their old age."

This Notice is addressed, "To: ALL contributors to the second tithe of the General Association of Davidian Seventh-day Adventists who were living on March 11, 1962, and the heirs, devisees and personal representatives, as the case may be, of such persons living on March 11, 1962, who have since died."

Christians everywhere, whether they be Davidian, Seventh-day Adventists, Baptist, or Catholic have never felt that once their tithe is paid into their respective church that it becomes refundable, even though, as in the present situation, the Supreme Court of Texas says it is. Now, we know that in God's sight the Court does not have a right to do this; it does not have the right to say once your tithe is paid it may be refunded. According to the Constitution of the United States, the court actually has no right to legislate in matters of religion; but, of course, all know the trend is rapidly taking us into the complete setting up of church and state, or the mark of the beast. This recent court action is just another step in that direction. The dominant feeling among Davidians is that God is testing them to see whether they are going to claim their money back and thus go along with the beast power, or honor God and uphold justice by saying, "The state has no right to meddle in church affairs, and I will not uphold this church-state decision; I will make my claim by signing a Waiver-Retainer From."

You probably do not know this, but these Claim Forms that were sent out by the lawyer for the former Mrs. Houteff, have a more subtle design behind them than the Davidian people realize. The former Davidian Council, working through the lawyers, are trying to get another vote, through the Claim Form, for the second tithe, to show the Court that the Davidian people are behind that which Florence and the Council did in 1962.

You may not know the facts in this case, but in 1962, the Davidian Council, guided by Florence Houteff Eakin, denounced Brother Houteff and Sister White both as false prophets, burned their writings, and took a very large sum of money, the second tithe fund for the use of the worthy poor: this tithe money was used in a so-called "wage adjustment," leaving the needy without funds. Many of the ones who received this

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tithe money went to California and purchased fine homes, and now they have the "spoil of the poor" in their houses!

Not to be content with taking the Lord's money, denouncing Brother Houteff and Sister White, burning their writings, and smearing their good names, Mrs. Florence Eakin tried to force the sale of New Mt. Carmel, using a lawyer, a representative of the power spoken of in Revelation 13, and the prejudiced courts who are against the law of God.

The Court says the second-tithers may claim their second-tithe back, or refuse to do so leaving it for its intended purpose, which is being done by some as you will notice in the quote from the Court document on page one of this letter.

We would remind Davidians that the second tithe, as they already know, is for the care of the poor and needy, for education and other worthwhile purposes, not for fine homes and personal greed. We wish to point out to them that if they make a claim for their tithe, they are saying that Florence did right and she is now entitled to still more money from the fund.

What are the elderly to do in their time of need? (They are our Isaiah 58 work now.) The only answer is for us to all band together on the basis of just and right principle and refuse to make a claim that would take away the rights of the elderly and needy; refuse to have the "spoil of the poor" in our houses.

The Court plans to refund $1 for every $7 paid in second tithe. You can quickly see that one would get really nothing toward the care of an elderly person. However, regardless of the amount paid in to the second tithe fund, the giver was to be entitled to ALL the benefits. Not so, if $1 out of $7 is to be returned. If we sign a Claim we have nothing, really, in return; but if we sign a Waiver-Retainer, we preserve the rights of full care for those elderly ones still among us, and any who might be in need now or in the future. If only you could read the sad letters from some of the older folk who would have been taken care of with this money, and who now have no means of support in the proper way, your hearts would be deeply touched!

So you see, a vote, or a Claim Form asking for a refund of the second tithe is in actuality a vote of confidence for the former Council and Florence Houteff Eaking (Achan)! Who wants to give a vote of confidence to those who disgraced the names of Brother Houteff and Sister White and burned their writings? Who wants to give a vote of confidence to those who bought fine homes in California with the "spoil of the poor"? The answer is plain, yes, even to a "wayfaring man, though a fool", that no one who is interested in having a clear record in the Book of Life would do such a thing as to make a "claim" for a refund of his second tithe.

We are sure that Davidians everywhere do not want to share in the guilt of those who slandered the names of Bro. Houteff and Sister White. We are sure they do not want to share in their guilt of theft. We plead with the Davidians to take this LAST opportunity to raise their voices against what the ex-Council did! On one hand the Claim Form is being used by the lawyer (the power in Revelation 13) for the apostate Davidian leadership, and to further disgrace those who believe in the law of God; on the other hand, the

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Waiver Form has been prepared for those who wish to lift up their voices against this wickedness and against the beast who is pressing upon God's people through the Courts.

We are experiencing today a little preview of what will soon take place on a much larger scale! "Men of talent and pleasing address, who once rejoiced in the truth employ their powers to deceive and mislead souls. They become the most bitter enemies of their former brethren. When Sabbath keepers are brought before the courts to answer for their faith, these apostates are the most efficient agents of Satan to misrepresent and accuse them..." Ellen G. White, The Great Controversy, p. 608.

What is happening within the Davidian ranks, on a small scale, we will see depicted in S.D.A. on a much larger scale! Let us prepare now. Davidians must take the right stand, and when that time comes they will be able to lift their voices against the apostates; for who knows but what they will use the courts to get their tithe money back?

Regardless of the doctrinal differences that separate us, a large number of the Davidians, former Davidians turned Seventh-day Adventists, and some who are neither in the Davidian nor the S.D.A. movement anymore, are signing the Waiver-Retainer Forms because they realize that to do otherwise would be taking sides with those who have the mark of the beast, the side of those who denounced Bro. Houteff and Sister White, the side of those who stole the tithe money and used it for themselves.

We hope that this information will enable you to more fully realize how important your actions are in this seemingly confused situation and that you will be enabled to stand for God's principles "though the Heavens fall."

The Second Tithers Association of Davidian Seventh-day Adventists

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