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That everyone who thirsteth for the truth may obtain it, these publications are, as a Christian service, provided without charge. They levy but one exaction: the soul's obligation to itself to prove all things and hold fast to that which is good. The only strings attached to this free proffer are the golden strands of Eden and the crimson cords of Calvary - the ties that bind.
Lois I. Roden
The Reins In His Hands

Published 1980


"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of the President of the United States, and will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States." – Presidential Oath.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION..." – First Amendment, Bill of Rights, Constitution of the United States of America.


The President of the United States, as a Protestant, is TOTALLY responsible to the AMERICAN SYSTEM, ITS PEOPLE, AND ITS CONGRESS, not to any national or foreign church, or church-political power.

"John Paul will come and go, but the ISSUE OF THE DOCTRINE OF THE PAPACY AND SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE WILL REMAIN. We must NEVER TIRE of attempting to PUT them and KEEP them in the RIGHT PERSPECTIVE." – The Baptist Standard, Editorial, Oct. 3, 1979.


"The Oath DOES NOT mean that one thereby binds himself under Oath to observe EVERY CIVIL LAW." – Jone-Adelman, Moral Theology, p. 118.

"Every office-holder undertakes his duties with the tacit MENTAL RESERVATION 'AS FAR AS MY CONSCIENCE ALLOWS' ... The Oath simply binds one to obey the laws ... SAVING ALWAYS THE RIGHTS AND LAWS OF GOD [as interpreted by Rome]." – Paul Hallet, The Register, Mar. 5, 1959.

A POPE CAN RELEASE ANY CATHOLIC FROM AN OATH! – Church Canon Law: Canons 1312, Section 1, and 1320.

"THE CHURCH HAS THE RIGHT TO GOVERN HER SUBJECTS, WHEREVER FOUND .... ln case of direct contradiction (between church and state) ... the JURISDICTION OF THE CHURCH PREVAILS, and THAT OF THE STATE IS EXCLUDED." – Catholic Encyclopedia, vol. XIV, p. 251.

These Canon Laws NEUTRALIZE the President's Oath to "...preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States." Therefore, KENNEDY and MUSKIE, "on leash to Rome," CANNOT conscientiously take the Presidential Oath as they are REPRESENTATIVES of a foreign church STATE!


"It is their [Presidents, et al] duty to endeavor to bring back ALL CIVIL SOCIETY to the pattern and form of Catholicity which We have described. ... [consequently] Roman Catholics should extend their efforts to national politics ...." – Pope Leo XIII, Immortale Dei, Section 47, p. 22; Section 44, p. 21.

"America seems destined for greater things ...It is our wish that the Roman Church should help to bring about this prospective greatness. ... what is the ultimate aim of the Apostolic Delegation except to bring about that the Constitution of the Church [NOT the Constitution of the United States] shall be strengthened and her discipline better fortified?" – Pope Leo XIII, Address to American Catholic Hierarchy.

"That a loyal Roman Catholic if elected to the presidency would be BOUND TO OBEY THE POPE, EVEN IF IT CONFLICTED WITH HIS RESPONSIBILITIES TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE as set forth in the Constitution, IS EMPHATICALLY TAUGHT IN THE ENCYCLICAL LETTER OF POPE LEO XIII, Sapientiae Christianae (1890), on the Chief Duties of Christians as Citizens: 'But the SUPREME TEACHER of the Church is the ROMAN PONTIFF. Union of minds, therefore, requires, together with a perfect accord in the one faith, COMPLETE SUBMISSION AND OBEDIENCE TO THE WILL OF THE CHURCH AND TO THE ROMAN PONTIFF, AS TO GOD HIMSELF.' " – Showers of Blessing, June 1960, pp. 8,9.

"To what extent are the bishops of the hierarchy in the United States AGENTS of the Pope AS THE SOVEREIGN OF THE VATICAN STATE? Their elaborate oath of allegiance is taken TO THE POPE, THEIR POLITICAL, SOCIOLOGICAL and religious reports are commingled and sent to the same CENTRAL HEADQUARTERS; their instructions to OPPOSE CERTAIN TYPES OF AMERICAN LEGISLATION come to them in the same type of encyclicals that cover matters of mysticism and ritual. IN ALL THAT THEY DO, THEY OBEY THE POPE NOT ONLY AS A SPIRITUAL PASTOR BUT ALSO AS HEAD OF A SOVEREIGN STATE, and the money which they raise and send to the Vatican is used INDISCRIMINATELY FOR BOTH RELIGIOUS AND POLITICAL ACTIVITIES." – Paul Blanchard, American Freedom and Catholic Power, pp. 56, 57.

"We have thought it Our duty to expand to all nations of the Catholic world touching the Catholic Constitution of States and the duties of individual citizens .... All Catholics are bound ... to love the Catholic Church ... to obey her laws. to endeavor to bring back ALL CIVIL SOCIETY TO THE PATTERN AND FORM OF CATHOLICITY which we have described .... As regards opinions, whatever the Roman Pontiffs HAVE HITHERTO TAUGHT, OR SHALL HEREAFTER TEACH, must be OPENLY PROFESSED." – Pope Leo XIII, Immortale Dei, Section 52, p. 23; Section 43, p. 20; Section 47, p. 22; Section 41, p. 19.

"All the faithful of Christ must believe that the Holy Apostolic See and the Roman Pontiff possesses the primacy OVER THE WHOLE WORLD." – Dogmatic Decrees of the Council of Trent, p. 159. "The State should officially recognize the Catholic Religion as the religion of the commonwealth " – The State and Church, p. 34, written for the National Catholic Welfare Council.

"But Constitutions CAN BE CHANGED" (Ibid., p. 38), for, says Rome, "The ABSURD AND ERRONEOUS DOCTRINES defense of liberty of conscience ARE A MOST PESTILENTIAL ERROR. ...most to be dreaded in a state." – Pope Pius IX, Encyclical Letter, Aug. 15, 1854.

"It is an understatement to say that the Roman Catholic Church is in politics. IT IS POLITICAL. ...The essentials of the Catholic Plan for America, and FOR ALL NATIONS, are self-evident in the Papal encyclicals and the Canon law. The Record is neither secret nor mysterious, although its full implications are not always clear to Americans because the most aggressive and offensive features of the plan are not stressed in non-Catholic countries. ...The Catholic hierarchy proposes to realize the Catholic plan for America by maintaining and increasing present Catholic population, by expanding Catholic schools with the aid of public money, and by infiltrating and penetrating non-Catholic organizations with faithful Catholic laymen who will act as soldiers and missionaries for the Church. ... working for a totally Catholic civilization – political, medical, cultural, economic, and religious –a civilization in which the Catholic Church will be 'the mistress and guide for all other societies an army involved in a HOLY WAR FOR RELIGION.' " – Paul Blanchard, American Freedom and Catholic Power, pp. 43, 270, 271.

On October 3, 1979, "In the Philadelphia Civic Center, in an address to seminarians and priests, POPE JOHN PAUL expressed for the FIRST TIME, his OPPOSITION to the ORDINATION of WOMEN. ... The insensitivity of their [the priests] immediate and sustained applause was shocking, but THE SIGNAL WAS CLEAR." – The Witness, p. 15.


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