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Lois I. Roden



DECEMBER 1, 1985


BOX 4098









The Bible can be rightly explained only by the Spirit Who dictated it. "He will guide you into all truth for He shall not speak of Himself, but whatsoever He shall hear, that shall He speak: and He will show you things to come that ye may be established in the PRESENT TRUTH. And whosoever blasphemeth against the Holy Ghost (or speaketh evil against the message of present truth) it shall not be forgiven him: for it is the only means whereby we may be saved." John 16:13; 2 Pet. 1:12; Luke 12:10. Since the Truth of the Harvest or Judgment is found in the Bible and is the most mystified of all the subjects therein, we must conclude that in no other way, except by INSPIRATION, can it be made clear and show events to come.

Therefore, to understand the harvest is to have the key of knowledge that opens the understanding of all the truths of the Bible. The subject of the harvest (Judgment) is divided into two parts – the Judgment for the Church, both dead and living, and the Judgment for the world. These two sections, each have their divisions. In the overall picture the judgment is divided into 8 parts starting with the "Master type," "Adam and Eve," the church. The number of the righteous saved alive in the Antediluvian world from the Flood, 8 + 1 (Enoch) 9; the number of the first mention of the righteous JUDGMENT (Harvest, Matt 13:30) was Enoch's announcement of the flood and the destruction of all the wicked from OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH (Jude 14). However, he was taken to heaven BEFORE the destruction and Noah was called to bring a message to execute the judgment upon the wicked inhabitants, as the waters of Noah.

Through Enoch and Noah the types of the Harvest, Judgmert, were set from the beginning. Throughout the ensuing centuries, other Prophets were sent to REPEAT the truth then established as a warning to the wicked in every generation and culminating in the "Latter days"–at the second coming of Him whose right it is to restore the Edenic Kingdom forfeited by our first parents, Adam and Eve.

In the prophecy of Daniel 9:24-27 is revealed the Proto-type; the actual picture of the harvest "to Judah" (A.D. 27-34 A.D.), of those who (a small remnant) returned to Jerusalem from their Babylonian captivity and were present at the appearance of the Messiah (Isaiah 53) at the end of the sixty-nine weeks according to the prophecy.






The children of Israel were taken captive successively by Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome. "Clearly, therefore, in each instance most of the sons of Jacob lost their racial distinctiveness As the Lord, however, has ever KEPT THE GENEALOGIES OF ALL NATIONS, especially of the sons of Jacob, He will, as He has promised, "make mention of Rahab and Babylon to them that know me: behold Philistia, and Tyre, with Ethiopia: this man was born there. And of Zion it shall be said, "This and that man was born in her: and the highest himself shall establish her. The Lord shall count, when He writeth up the people, that this man was born there. Selah." Ps. 87: 4-6.

"Thus just as obvious as strange is the fact that no one today but the recognized Jew can vouch for his ancestry, with the result THAT THE 144,000 CAN BE GATHERED FROM ALMOST EVERY NATION, KINDRED, TONGUE, AND PEOPLE, and yet be of the sons of Jacob!

"And it shall come to pass in that day," says the Word of prophecy in this connection, "that the Lord shall set His hand again the SECOND time to recover the REMNANT OF HIS PEOPLE, which shall be left, from Assyria and from Egypt, and from Pathros, and from Cush, and from Elam, and from Shinar, and from Hamath, and from the islands of the sea. And HE SHALL SET UP AN ENSIGN FOR THE NATIONS, and shall ASSEMBLE THE OUTCASTS OF ISRAEL, (10 tribes) and gather together the DISPERSED of Judah (two tribes) from the FOUR CORNERS OF THE EARTH. And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall beat off from the channel of the river unto the stream of Egypt, and ye shall be gathered ONE BY ONE, O ye CHILDREN OF ISRAEL." Isa. 11:11,12: 27:12.

"Since, therefore, history, logic, and Scripture combine their evidences to prove unconditionally THAT GOD HAS PRESERVED THE GENEALOGY OF THE CHOSEN BRANCH OF THE HUMAN RACE forward from Adam to Noah (Matt. 1:1-17), and backward from Jesus to Adam (Luke 3:23-38), He must, then, for a consistent reason, ALSO HAVE PRESERVED THE IDENTITY OF THE ELECT TODAY. And this, we see, is precisely what He has done IN HIS DESIGNATING THE LINEAGE OF THE 144,000, AS OF ALL THE TRIBES OF THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL" Rev. 7:4 And though we know not what we are, and cannot ever of ourselves tell, the One who knows all about us, even to the last


hair of each head, knows our PRECISE ANCESTRY although those of us who are to be gathered from the SEED OF JACOB are, says the prophet, "as the sand of the sea;" whereas, comparatively speaking, the IDENTIFIABLE JEWISH RACE OF TODAY is but A HANDFUL TO THE NATIONS, and therefore cannot today be the ones to whom apply



"Going back for a moment to the historical approach to our subject, we recall that after Solomon's death, the Israelite nation (twelve tribes) was divided into two separate kingdoms (1 Kings 11:11, 12: 12:19,27). The ten-tribe kingdom, occupying the northern portion of the promised land, was called "Israel," also Ephraim, and occasionally the house of Joseph: "Israel," because of its majority of tribes; Ephraim (Isa. 11:13), because its kings came from Ephraim; and Joseph (Ezek. 37:16), because he was the father of Ephraim. But the two-tribe kingdom, occupying the southern portion, was called "Judah;" "Israel," "Ephraim" and "Joseph," one will understand precisely who they are designating, and will thus, as we proceed, better understand God's plan for the ingathering of the twelve tribes of Israel, and for REUNITING them.


"The kingdom of Heaven" said Christ, "is like to a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field; which indeed is the least of all seeds: but when it is grown it is the greatest among herbs, and becometh a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches thereof." Matt. 13:31,32. "Yet the number of the children of ISRAEL shall be as the sand of the seas which cannot be measured nor numbered; and it shall come to pass that in the place where it was said unto them. Ye are not My people, there it shall be said unto them, YE ARE THE SONS OF THE LIVING GOD." Hos. 1:10.

".... when through His prophet he declared: "Ye are not my people, and I will not be your God," though at the same time, in His great mercy, HE LET THE PROMISE be written: "in the place where it was said unto them (ancient Israel) Ye, are not My people, there it shall be said unto them (ancient Israel), Ye are the sons of the living God." (See Romans 9:24-26).

So happily, the same people, Israel and Judah, who were set aside and scattered, will "in that day" (OUR TIME) be RE-ACCEPTED and "GATHERED TOGETHER and appoint themselves ONE HEAD, and they shall come up out of the land." Hos. 1:11. Having abode "many days without a king" (their lot from the days of their captivity in Babylon even to this very day), "the children of


Israel shall... afterward (sometime in the future), says the scripture, ..return, and seek the Lord their God, and David their king; and shall fear the Lord and His goodness in the latter days." Hos. 3:4,5. But as David, the king of ancient Israel, had been dead for many years when this prophecy was made, and as it HAS NEVER BEEN FULFILLED, he was the "TYPE" of THE DAVID TO COME.

"Accordingly, it is those who "fear the Lord and His goodness (the Christian Israelites) in the latter days" (our time) who shall appoint one "Head" or "King," THE ANTITYPICAL DAVID.

From the clear-cut facts in the preceding paragraphs, we see that the children of Israel (particularly the 10 tribes), dispersed and without a king these "many days," are to "return," not as Jews, but as Christians. This CONSOLIDATION of the TWO ancient kingdoms, Judah and Israel, is setforth in the symbolism,


Thou son of man" says the Lord, ‘take thee one stick, and write upon it, For JUDAH, and for the children of Israel his companions: then take another stick, and write upon it, for JOSEPH, the stick of Ephraim, and for all the house of Israel his companions: and JOIN them one to another into ONE STICK; and they shall become ONE in thine hand.

"And when the children of thy people shall speak unto thee, saying, behold, I will take the STICK OF JOSEPH, which is in the hand of EPHRAIM and the tribes of Israel his fellows, and will put them with him, even with the STICKS OF JUDAH, and make them ONE STICK, and they shall be ONE in Mine hand. "And the sticks whereon thou writest shall be in thine hand before their eyes. And say unto them, Thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I will take the children of Israel from among the heathen, whither they be gone and will gather them on every side, and bring them into their own land; and I will make them one nation in the LAND upon the MOUNTAINS of ISRAEL; and one king shall be king to them all: and they shall be no more two nations, neither shall they be divided in two kingdoms any more at all: neither shall they defile themselves any more with their idols, nor with their detestable things, nor with any of their transgressions: but I will be their God. And DAVID My servant shall be KING over them; and they all shall have one shepherd: they shall also walk in My judgments, and observe My statutes, and do them. And they shall dwell in the land that I have given unto Jacob My servant, wherein your fathers have dwelt; and they shall dwell therein, even they, and their children, and their children's children



"This illustrated prophecy scarcely needs to be interpreted, as it is virtually self explanatory: showing that the two ancient kingdoms, Judah and Israel, will YET be gathered from among the "heathen," among whom they have long been scattered, and that they will become AGAIN ONE GREAT NATION "a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed." Dan. 2:44.

"Moreover," saith the Lord, "I will make a covenant of peace with them; it shall be an everlasting covenant with them: and I will place them, and multiply them, and will SET MY SANCTUARY IN THE MIDST of them forevermore. My tabernacle also shall be with them: yea, I will be their God, and they shall be My people. And the heathen shall know that I the Lord do sanctify Israel, when My sanctuary shall be in the midst of them FOREVERMORE." Ezek. 37:26-28.

"Since God says that He will "multiply them" when they AGAIN become a kingdom, and that "the heathen shall know that I the Lord do sanctify Israel," and since He can neither "multiply" nor "sanctify" after the close of probation, THE TWO ANCIENT KINGDOMS MUST NECESSARILY, then, BE RESTORED AND CONSOLIDATED DURING PROBATIONARY TIME.... Ref. 8 Tr. p. 9-17.


Therefore, the purpose of the author is to bring to light information that will help the reader to grasp the grand and awful aspects of this work of God to bring the reign of sin to a close and restore to the righteous the earth again, in its Edenic Perfection, a peaceful habitation, free from sin and sinners.

Because of their Idolatry and separation from the two-tribe kingdom of Judah, the northern kingdom was taken captive by the Assyrians who removed them from their original land inheritance in Palestine and scattered them among the nations where the prophecies show they were to "renew their strength and return," Isa. 49-1,12 – "come again after many days" (Hosea 1:11) to their original possessions.

As revealed in Merkabah number three, the key to the location of the so-called lost ten Tribes, lies with the history of the tribe of DAN who left the name of their father (Dan) in the places of their sojourn


among the nations. On the north, the territory of Dan ended opposite the port of Jaffa where they were harassed by the Philistines and where Jonah took ship on his flight away from the Lord.

Members of the tribe of Dan enlisted as Seamen on Phoenician ships of Tyre. It was Hurom of Tyre, son of a woman of the tribe of Dan, that the Phoenician King sent to help build in Solomon's Temple.

The Divine hand of Providence guides the life and activities of God's elect and bestows upon them talents to be used to forward the out-working of Divine will. Therefore, time has revealed the bestowal of God's wisdom in abundant measure to his Elect Nation which he took out from among the heathen nations and made them the depositories of His Divine Laws, Statutes, and Judgments at Mt. Sinai. When obedient to these laws, they were prosperous and enjoyed the visible manifestation of the DIVINE PRESENCE – the Shekinah Glory.

When disobedient, God allowed them to be punished with the Rod of men. They were overtaken successively by Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome, and scattered throughout the nations of the world – all because they became lifted up, holding the knowledge of God secret, refusing to share their blessings with those less favored than themselves.

Thus, in order to disseminate the knowledge of God throughout the world, they were scattered by their captors to every nation, kindred, tongue; and people with the promise that in the "LATTER DAYS" they would AGAIN be gathered back to their homeland and reinstated "as at first" in their original possessions.


Historians have recorded the names of places where Dan, with the other of the ten tribes resided, following their Assyrian captivity. The ships of Dan conveyed a remnant of the captives away to the lands of the north and west while others escaped through the Samaritan Gate via the Caucasian Pass. Others were taken captive and settled among the nations occupied by their captors.

Wherever they went, the ten tribes, whom Jereboam caused to worship two calves, a Bullock at Bethel and a heifer in Dan (Judges 18) took their idols, customs, and talents as shipmasters, merchants; craftsmen, etc., and left a trail of names in the cities, Rivers, and upon their alters of worship. Dan was the most prominent name left for a landmark to identify the places of sojourn of these "Wanderers" among the nations.




Various Bible commentators equate the position of Dan among the 12 tribes of Israel with that of Judas among the 12 Apostles. Being un-inspired men and having no better explanation of the mystery involved concerning the tribe of Dan they do not see him as being sealed with the other 12 tribes in Revelation seven. On the contrary, he is excluded, and represented as anti-Christ-Judas.

Nevertheless, Inspiration looks beyond the appearance of things and reveals through the Scriptures the latter-day application of the prophecies.... The key is found in the prophecy of Jacob for the "last days" concerning his first-born son through Rachel by Billah, her handmaid, In Gen. 49:16-18: "Dan shall judge his people as ONE Of the TRIBES of Israel."

"When Billah called her first son, Dan ("Judge"), she also prayed that it would be given to Samson, his descendant, to JUDGE his people, and that they would not fall into the hands of the Philistines.

"Jacob's death-bed blessing to Dan centered principally around Sampson, who would bring victory to his people unaided..." IN THE SAME BLESSING JACOB RANKED DAN EQUALLY with JUDAH, in that Sampson's FATHER would be of the tribe of DAN and his MOTHER of JUDAH..., that the MESSIAH BE DESCENDED FROM DAN on his mother's side." The Jewish Encyclopedia.

"And he (Jacob) divided the children unto Leah, and unto Rachel, and unto the two handmaids (Billah and Zilpah). "And he put the handmaids and their children FOREMOST and Leah and her children after, and Rachel and Joseph HINDERMOST. "And Esau ran to meet him... "Then the handmaidens came near, they and their CHILDREN (including Dan) and they bowed themselves." Gen. 33: 1,2,4,6.

In going out to meet his brother, ESAU, Jacob, fearful for his wives and children, placed them according to those dearest to him, the handmaids and their children FIRST, Leah, with Dinah and the children next: Rachel and Joseph LAST, in the safest position. Thus, as in many future instances, Dan, the son of Rachel's handmaid, was placed foremost in the most vulnerable position of attack, to meet the enemy as represented by Esau.


DINAH, the daughter of Jacob, by Leah, was in the second most vulnerable position before ESAU.

The historical facts in connection with the episode with Shechem, son of Hamor in Gen. 34; are: "Dinah represents a clan; Shechem is the well known city. The TRIBE of Dinah (13th child of Jacob) had been made captive by Shechem, and the closely consanguineous tribes of Levi and Simeon in an attempt to capture the city and release the sister clan, came to ignominious grief." The Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. 4, p. 606. Din-ah: Din = Judge. It was concerning her that judgment was executed upon Shechem, and her brethren, Simeon and Levi.

Question: "WHY did DAN REMAIN in ships?" On the north, the territory of Dan ended opposite the port of Jaffa where they were harassed by the Philistines and where Jonah embarked on his flight from the Lord.

An Answer: The members of the tribe of Dan enlisted on the Phoenician ships and resided in the port city of Tyre. Huram of Tyre, a Danite, was sent to help Solomon build the temple. Consequently they were prepared to transport their brethren to the north and west to escape the Assyrian conquerors who took a number of the 10 tribes and relocated them in the Euphrates valley where they migrated to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people. From the critical view, Juenan, and others after him, have argued that "Dan" is the title of a Deity.

The name DANIEL and its cuneiform name of a king, "Assur-Dan," and its analogy with other names, both tribal and personal, strongly favors this view advanced by Kuenen and his successors.

Definition: DANIEL – "Dan is el." Dan is judge. The Jewish encyclopedia.

In Joshua 19, Dan was the LAST mentioned tribe to receive the LOT of his inheritance in Canaan.

In Ez. 48 DAN receives his original place, the FIRST portion of land in the North and occupies one of the 3 gates on the East allotted to the THREE Sons of Rachel, Joseph, and Benjamin, in Revelation 21:12; Eze. 48:31-34.

"The Narrative attributes the origin of the name Dan to Rachel, who said: "God has vindicated me (Dananni): indeed, He has heeded my plea and given me a son (Gen. 30:6). The name would thus be derived from the verb dyn ("to judge or VINDICATE": (Gen. 49:16). Some scholars see in the name DAN the DIVINE epithet DAYYAN, while others regard it as a DIVINE NAME IN ITSELF. Most likely, however, the literal meaning intended by the biblical etymology is correct, and the


name, DAN, should be regarded as a short form of Dan(ann)iel or the like."

"Dan. 5. a boy's given name, form of Daniel "Archaic: a title of honor equivalent to master or Sir...Lord, master. also: 1. Daniel 2. DANish 3. DANzig." (from Random House Dictionary).

"Dan shall judge his people, as one of the tribes of Israel, Dan shall be a serpent in the way, an adder in the path that biteth the horses heels, so that his rider falleth backward" Gen. 49:16,17, R.V.; meaning that his tribe would CONTEND WITH THE FOES OF ISRAEL AS EARNESTLY AND CRAFTILY AS WOULD ANY OF THE TRIBES. Speaking on the same subject Moses compared Dan to a Lion's whelp that leapeth from Bashan (Palestine – Deut. 33:22).

"The town (taken by Dan) was originally called Laish, LION, or Leshim, perhaps PLACE OF LIONS. The name, Dan, was given to it after its capture by the Danites (Josh. XIX:47; Judge 18).

"Abraham pursued Chedorlaomer as far as Dan (Gen. XIV:XIV). Tel el-Kadi, which signifies MOUND OF THE JUDGE, and thus preserves, though perhaps accidentally, the sense of the old name, "Dan." At the BASE of this mound are TWO SPRINGS, whose waters presently UNITE and form the river LedDAN, the shortest but most abundant in water of the THREE streams which flow together a FEW MILES BELOW and form the JorDAN (River).

"In the wilderness wanderings, the tribe of. Dan encamped north of the Tabernacle together with Asher and Naphtali (Number 2:25, 29). The territorial inheritance of the tribe is stated to have bordered the territory of Ephraim to the NORTH, Benjamin to the EAST, and Judah, to the SOUTH, and to have extended into the maritime plain. Four levitical cities situated in the territory of Dan are among the cities listed in Joshua 19:40,48 ie,– If the levitical cities were administrative centers and store cities built by Solomon in which he settled the Levites "for all the work of the Lord and for the service of the King" (I Chron. 26:30,32) then this would support Mazar's dating of the list of Danite cities to the days of Solomon."





Not enumerated with the sealing of the twelve tribes in Rev. 7:1-8, Dan is sealed in the great multitude of verse nine as the THIRTEENTH TRIBE of the children of Israel, Merkabah Part 3. p. 19 – "KINDREDS = Tribes.

"The number THIRTEEN is connected with SUBSTITUTION and ATONEMENT. The Saviour, THOUGH SINLESS was made "sin" for us – "offering for us." Heb. 9:28 – "Numbered with the transgressors." Isa. 53:12.

"THIRTEEN is not only the all pervading factor of sin, but also of SIN'S ATONEMENT. THIRTEEN not only brands the sinner as a rebel against God but is the number borne by the sinner's SUBSTITUTE (sacrifice for sin) "THE SUBSTITUTE."

"His name in the Old Testament–JEHOVAH-ADONAI, HA-ELOHIM-MESSIAH, are all multiples of thirteen. "HIS ANOINTED," in Psalms 2 bears the very number of Satan himself, HA-SATAN, THIRTEEN.

"In Gen. 4:4 the numerical value of the first type of THIS LAMB OF GOD–the sinner's SUBSTITUTE, IS THIRTEEN; likewise, in Lev. 16, the chapter on the ATONEMENT, the offerings are all multiples of THIRTEEN. The scape-goat's numerical value is also THIRTEEN.

"In Numbers 21:8, 9, we note the serpent, Ha-Seraph is exactly the number of the Scape-goat, THIRTEEN. Verse 8. "And the Lord said unto Moses, make thee a fiery serpent, and set it on a pole; and it shall come to pass that everyone that is bitten..." Jesus' reference (John 3:14; 8:28) to Numbers 21:6-9 also amounts to the same numerical value (Multiples of THIRTEEN).

"THIRTEEN is a factor in the name of Isaac, a TYPE of CHRIST'S SUBSTITUTION for sinners. It is a factor in the name of Judas Iscariot as well, a representative of Satan.

The numerical value of Adam's sons = 897 (13 x 69).






All the offerings and their preparations including the burning of the sweet incense, and the seven-fold sprinkling of the blood before the mercy seat include the sum of the multiple of THIRTEEN.

"The Scapegoat = 585 (13 x 45).

Dan. ix 25-27. "Verse 26 – "Messiah shall be cut off" = 988 (13 x 76) "Christ died for our sins." 1 Cor. 5.3."

John xiii. 31,32 – "Now is the Son glorified" = 3887 (13 x 4105). "God is Glorified in Him" = 2197 (133) "God shall glorify Him in Himself" = 3016 (13 x 8 x 29).

"As to the significance of THIRTEEN, all are aware that it has come down to us as a number of ill-omen. Many superstitions cluster around it, and various explanations are current concerning them.

"Unfortunately, those who go backwards to find a reason seldom go back far enough. The popular explanations do not, so far as we are aware, go farther back than the Apostles. But we must go back to the FIRST OCCURRENCE OF THE NUMBER THIRTEEN in order to discover the key to its significance. It occurs FIRST in Gen. 10:4 where we read "Twelve years they served Chedorlaomer, and the THIRTEENTH year they REBELLED."

"But it is when we come to Gematria (the use of letters of the alphabet instead of figures) that the most wonderful results are seen. These results may be stated thus, briefly: That the names of the Lord's people are multiples of EIGHT while the names of those who apostatized, or rebelled, or who were in any sense His enemies are multiples of THIRTEEN.

"This statement, if it be proved, is one of the greatest evidences of verbal inspiration which the world has yet seen. The discovery of this great principle, the effect of this law can hardly be estimated in establishing the PRESENCE of an ever-present working of the HOLY SPIRIT in inditing the very words and even the letters of Scripture. No human foresight or arrangement could have secured such a result beforehand; no human powers could have carried it out in such perfection. No matter where we look, we find the working of the law without cessation, without a break, without a flaw from beginning to end. ONLY ONE conclusion


is possible, and that is that the Bible has but ONE AUTHOR (THE HOLY SPIRIT) an eternal, omniscient author, designing, superintending, working, and carrying out...(Her) own infinite plans.


"The numerical value of the name is 182 with a factor of THIRTEEN (7 x 2 x 13).


are enumerated in some 18 (3 x 6) different ways, in which ONE is ALWAYS omitted. For there were twelve Tribes; but there were also THIRTEEN, telling of God's design for perfect Government, and of man's apostasy from that Government. Jacob (1 + 12 = 13); Messiah + 12 disciples = 13).

"In Deut. xxxii, Simeon is left out. "In Rev. vii Dan and Ephraim are omitted. (Joseph and Levi inserted)

"Generally it is Levi that is omitted.

"Arranged as in Num. xiii.3-16, in connection with the REBELLION on the return of the 12 spies, we see defection at once; for ALL the REPRESENTATIVES of the tribes failed except Caleb and Joshua.

"The whole passage = 17654 (13 x 1358) "From verse 4-16 = 12038 (13 x 926).


"And Lot sat at the gate of Sodom" 1313 . ...We have in this account (Verses 1-29) not only the number THIRTEEN but also the number NINE which... is the number of JUDGMENT.


is also stamped with the number THIRTEEN... the city was compassed once each day for SIX days, and SEVEN times on the SEVENTH day making 13 times in all (6 + 7 = 13) (Judgment)."


who were raised up as SAVIOURS in time of apostasy and rebellion exhibit both the factors of 8 and 13." (Samson, a DANITE reflects the factors, THIRTEEN – 13 x 52). "the Judges period ends under Samuel, 377 (13 x 29)..."


ISAIAH xiv .29

"Rejoice not thou, whole Palestina, because the Rod of him that smote thee is broken: for out of the serpent's root shall come forth a cockatrice (Margin Adder – Gen. 49:17) and his fruit shall be a fiery flying serpent = 5369 (13 x 413) – (Gen. 2:22,23).


"... the name of Ezekiel = 156 (13 x 12)."


"Satan, in Hebrew = 364 (13 x 28).


"The whole Verse = 12090 (13 x 930). "The locusts = 351 (13 x 33) "They have a king, the angel of the abyss" = 3978 (13 x 306)."


The same law in operation. Having diligently CAST the horoscope (as Pur, means: see Isa. xlvii.13), Haman found the most favorable time for carrying out his designs as "the Jew's enemy."

"Est. 111.7 tells us that for 12 months the horoscope was consulted" in the first of the month,... from day to day, and from month to month, to the twelfth month." Then (v.12), on the THIRTEENTH day of the FIRST month (i.e., the thirteenth month from the time they commenced) the favorable day was found. Then (111.13) the letters were prepared, and upon "one day, even upon the THIRTEENTH day of the twelfth month (at the end of the second year), the Jews were all to be put to death.

"On that day came deliverance (vlll.12, etc.) Thus we have THREE THIRTEENS connected with this gigantic effort of the great enemy to destroy the Lord's people, and with them, of course, the PROMISED SEED. This is the ultimate object of the great enemy in all his designs against God's people." "On the other hand we see the multiples of the dominical EIGHT in the Lord's people.

"This peculiarity has been preserved not only in all the manuscripts, but in every printed edition of the Hebrew Text. No scribe or editor has ventured to change this form of their presentations."


REV. xiii

"Verse 11, The whole verse =6318 (13 x 486).

"..; beast = 247 (13 x 19).

"another beast = 378 (9 x 42).

"He had TWO horns =1521 (13 x 9).

"And he had two horns like a lamb" = 2704 (13 x 16).

"The number of the beast" = 2067 (13 x 159). A commentary on Biblical Numbers.




Christ, the Prototype of the wave-sheaf of grain, acted out and fulfilled every aspect of the harvest rites. On the SXITEENTH day of the SEVENTH month He was baptized, signifying His death 3 1/2 years later during the Passover, A.D. 31, on the SIXTEENTH day of the FIRST month. On the EIGHTEENTH day of the SEVENTH month He fulfilled the type and became the CEREMONIAL WAVE-SHEAF, prefiguring His resurrection and ascension as the wave-sheaf on the EIGHTEENTH day of the FIRST month three and one-half years later, A.D. 31.

His FORTY DAYS temptation in the wilderness after His baptism prefigured His victory over Satan and the completion of the first-fruit harvest between the EIGHTEENTH day of the FIRST month and His ascension FORTY days later (A.D. 31). The following ten days after the wilderness temptation were spent in calling His disciples, and prefigured the TEN days the disciples spent in the upper room preparatory to receiving the outpouring of the Spirit on the Day of Pentecost, A.D. 31.

On the FIFTIETH day from the EIGHTEENTH day of the SEVENTH month, A.D. 27, He observed the CEREMONIAL PENTECOST (D.A. p. 182) by attending the MARRIAGE at Cana and turning the WATER into WINE – a symbol of the Spirit's power on the Day of Pentecost, A.D. 31 – to change within the vessels (6 water pots) the water into wine, the symbol of death and life blended: SIX, the number of man (earth) connected with heaven (life-7) thru the "sphere of glory" (holy spirit) D.A. p. 113. The divine accomplishment of the crucifixion, through the WATER and the BLOOD, and the resurrection, finished the FIRST FRUIT HARVEST, preparatory to gathering the


second fruits from the church AFTER the Day of Pentecost, A.D. 31 to A.D. 34 (3 Tr. 56:3).

The time spent after the Ceremonial Pentecost in further gathering the disciples and the multitude prefigured the gathering of the great multitude from the church AFTER the Day of Pentecost to the Feast of Tabernacles A.D. 34.

"Under the Levitical law WATER was used as a symbol for cleansing of DISEASE and UNCLEANNESS of various kinds, while the offering of blood was employed to cleanse from sin of a MORAL nature."

"The Pool (Waters) of Bethesda was commonly accepted as a place for healing the people of their physical infirmities; and when the SPIRIT "moved upon the waters" (Gen. 1:2) they immersed themselves in the pool for healing."

"In that day there shall be a fountain opened to the house of David and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem for SIN and UNCLEANNESS." Zech. 13:1. Note that the fountain is able to wash away TWO things; FIRST, SIN and SECOND, UNCLEANNESS. What is the difference between the one and the other? "sin is the transgression of the law." 1 John 3:4. The result of sin is decay of the body. "Speak unto the children of Israel and say unto them, when any man hath a running issue out of his flesh, because of his issue HE IS UNCLEAN." Lev. 15:2. The biblical term for sickness is "uncleanness." Also, taking into the body the form of food of that which is forbidden by the word of God is transgression of the Law, and corruption of the body ensues (uncleanness)."

"God is able to heal the soul and the body; but He will not heal the latter before He has healed the former – sin FIRST, THEN uncleanness. Eze. 36:29. The power that is able to wash away the filthiness of any man is "opened to the house of David and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem," and is represented by the fountain of Zechariah's prophecy."

"Therefore, the river coming out from the temple according to Ezekiel's vision (Eze. 47) is applicable AT THIS TIME, and is but an EXPANSION of this fountain that is to be in the HOUSE OF DAVID, the church. From the FOUNTAIN flows the mighty river as seen in Ezekiel's vision." C.H. p. 210.

"Whatever the meaning of the "waters" may be, THEY come from the throne of God, for it is in the sides of the North." Isa. 14:14; Ps. 48:2; 75:6. "These waters issue out toward the east country, and go down into the desert, and go into the sea: Which being brought forth into the sea, the waters (people) shall be healed. And it shall come to pass, that everything that liveth,


which moveth, whithersoever the rivers shall come, shall live ... because these waters shall come hither; for they shall be healed;..." 2 S.R. p. 291. Hence, the NAME, Living Waters Branch – a Branch from Heaven.



"Behold, I make all things new." "...we have a PROPHECY and a TYPE for every event that has, or will take place in this wicked world of ours." 1SR 49.

"In my house are many mansions: if it were not so I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you, and if I go to prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you unto myself; that where I am you may be also." John 14:2,3.


God has literally fulfilled this promise to three persons in the world's history, as a beacon of hope for the righteous dead, and the living who shall never die.

"THIS STIRRING HOPE OF EVERY CHRISTIAN is beautifully foreshadowed in (1) the TRANSLATION of Enoch Gen. 5:24, (2) the TRANSLATION of Elijah 2 Kings 2:11, and (3) THE RESURRECTION OF THE MULTITUDE WHOM CHRIST LED ON HIGH MATT. 27:52, 53; Eph. 4:8. A THREEFOLD TYPIFICATION in TRIPLE accord with God's law of TYPE, that where there is a TYPE, there must also be an ANTITYPE.

"WERE THERE NOT ASSUREDLY IN THIS CONNECTION to be an ANTITYPE (ascension of all the saints), then there would not have been a type (TRANSLATION of Enoch and Elijah , and ASCENSION OF THE MULTITUDE). The TYPE WOULD HAVE BEEN ARBITRARY, PURPOSELESS and MISLEADING..." 9 Tr. 72.





"ENOCH WAS THE FIRST PROPHET AMONG MANKIND. He foretold BY PROPHECY the SECOND COMING OF CHRIST to our world, and his work (the harvest) at that time... HIS PROPHECY is not found in the writings of the Old Testament... Jude a prophet of God, mentions the work of Enoch." MANUSCRIPT 43, 1900 E.G.W.


"He had stood at the threshold of the eternal world, only a step between him and the land of the blest; and now the portals opened, the walk with God so long pursued on earth, continued and HE PASSED THROUGH THE GATES OF THE HOLY CITY--THE FIRST FROM AMONG MEN TO ENTER THERE."

"Enoch represents those who shall remain up on the earth and be translated to heaven without seeing death ...WE STAND AS DID ENOCH." R & H, April 19, 1870.

"He was a REPRESENTATIVE of the SAINTS who live amid the perils and corruptions of the last days. For his faithful obedience to God he was Translated. So, also, THE FAITHFUL, we who are alive and remain, will be TRANSLATED." 2 T. 121,122.

"Christians indeed may be fitly represented by the PALM TREE. They are like Enoch, although surrounded with corrupting influences their faith takes hold of the unseen." R & H, Jan. 2, 1879.

"There is to be a people fitted up for translation to heaven, whom Enoch represents." R & H May 24, 1887.


"The ensuing study is given to prove that the great multitude of Rev. 7:9, are LIVING SAINTS, who, with the 144,000, are to be TRANSLATED at the second coming of Christ." 1SR p. 41.

"Class 2, are the translated (besides the 144,000). Rev. 7:9, Says, "After this (the 144,000) I beheld, and lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and KINDREDS (tribes) and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and PALMS IN THEIR HANDS." 1S.R. p. 42.

"I saw good old Enoch, who had been translated. On his right arm he BORE A GLORIOUS PALM... Here we see Enoch, too, has a "PALM" in his hand, the SAME AS THE GREAT MULTITUDE ... (Rev. 7:9).

"Enoch is said to be the seventh from Adam. "Seven" means COMPLETE (Harvest) FINISHED; thus PERFECTLY TYPIFYING the CLASS REPRESENTED BY HIM IN REV. 7:9 (the great multitude). 1S.R. p. 44 GC. 299.

Being the FIRST PROPHET (Wave-sheaf) among mankind and the FIRST FROM AMONG MEN TO ENTER THE HOLY CITY, Enoch can be termed, the FIRST of the first-fruits of the living redeemed to be translated without seeing death.


His acceptance in heaven as the first wave-sheaf of the living BEGAN the SOUL HARVEST with the ANNOUNCEMENT of the Judgment upon the wicked and the translation of the righteous (Jude 14). Enoch ANNOUNCED the JUDGMENT and the preaching of Noah brought it – THE FLOOD, the FIRST TYPE OF THE EXECUTIVE JUDGMENT (Ez. 9) to the church and the world. Enoch, the wave-sheaf, was translated, and Noah's family, the second part of the first-fruits, were left on the earth after the flood to re-populate it with righteous people. Likewise, in AD 31 the wave-sheaf went to heaven and the 120 first-fruits remained on earth to harvest the great multitude of second fruits.


"Though ELIJAH represents THOSE (from the 12 tribes) WHO SHALL BE TRANSLATED at the second coming of Christ, Enoch (those from all nations) does too. BOTH men were translated without seeing death. The question is, why two types? Because THERE ARE TWO COMPANIES of people TO BE TRANSLATED; the 144,000 (wave-loaves-two tribes and 10 tribes), and the GREAT MULTITUDE OF REV. 7:9 (who in the FIRST instance represent the wave-sheaf from all nations; in the SECOND, the second fruits gathered from the church AFTER Pentecost; and in the THIRD, the second fruits from the Gentile nations.

"The Spirit of Prophecy says Elijah represents those who will be living when Christ comes, and be changed in the twinkling of an eye and be translated." 1S.R. p. 43.

"Speaking of the announcement made of the coming of Christ (the DAY and the HOUR), which is BEFORE the GENERAL resurrection AND AT THE TIME OF THE "SPECIAL" RESURRECTION, we read: Soon we heard the VOICE OF GOD like many waters, WHICH GAVE US THE DAY AND HOUR OF JESUS' COMING. The living saints, 144,000 IN NUMBER, KNEW AND UNDERSTOOD THE VOICE,... When God spoke the TIME; He poured up on us the HOLY GHOST... The 144,000 were sealed and PERFECTLY UNITED. On their foreheads was written GOD, NEW JERUSALEM and a GLORIOUS STAR CONTAINING JESUS' NEW NAME..." 1S.R. 45.

"The deliverance of the living saints, is BEFORE the FIRST resurrection; for it is spoken of, as a SEPARATE EVENT – It seems clear that the DELIVERANCE is AT THE VOICE OF GOD. Then, FROM THAT TIME TILL CHRIST, APPEARS THE SAINTS WILL HAVE POWER OVER THE NATIONS, who remain of the FORMER PLAGUES." Word to the Little Flock p. 19:1, and last part of paragraph 0.


"Not Enoch, who was translated to heaven, not Elijah, who ascended in a chariot of fire, was GREATER


OR MORE HONORED THAN JOHN THE BAPTIST, who perished in the dungeon." MINISTRY OF HEALING p. 478.

"The experience of ENOCH and JOHN THE BAPTIST REPRESENTS WHAT OURS SHOULD BE. Far more than we do, we need to study the lives of these men ... he (Enoch) was translated to heaven without seeing death; and he who, before Christ's first advent; was called to prepare the way of the Lord, to make his paths straight".. .perished in a dungeon. Enoch a type of the LIVING wave-sheaf; John a type of the RESURRECTED wave-sheaf. "ENOCH was a REPRESENTATIVE OF CHRIST." 8 T. 392.

"Those who profess the religion of Christ should understand the responsibility resting upon them. They SHOULD FEEL THAT THIS IS an individual work, our INDIVIDUAL PREACHING OF CHRIST. If each would do this and take hold of the work, we should be AS MIGHTY AS AN ARMY WITH BANNERS. The heavenly Dove would hover over us. The LIGHT of the GLORY of God would be no more shut away than it was from the devoted Enoch." In Heavenly Places p. 70; R & H Jan 9, 1900.

"We are to please God. This we may do; for Enoch pleased God, though living in a degenerate age. AND THERE ARE ENOCHS IN THIS OUR DAY." Sons and daughters of God p. 314 MS 130, 1899.

"Enoch in his day sounded the proclamation of the coming of Christ, and of execution of judgment upon the unrighteous; and we see NOW the fulfillment of Enoch's prophecy concerning the great wickedness that should abound." T.M. p. 230. From these words Inspiration makes clear that Enoch had the FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT of the JUDGMENT upon the church and the world and was the first EARNEST; of those redeemed from earth and translated BEFORE Eze. 9 (destruction by the flood). Therefore, he was the FIRST wave-sheaf; the FIRST one translated to heaven without seeing death – the EARNEST, guarantee of the WHOLE HARVEST of souls from his generation to the END OF THE HARVEST IN THE LATTER DAYS.

As a REPRESENTATIVE OF CHRIST (GT. 392) who was the proto-type of ALL the redeemed of heaven and earth, his translation was a SIGNAL that the harvest of the whole world had begun in his day and has continued until now when a great multitude of the redeemed shall be translated to heaven without seeing death BEFORE its destruction by fire.

"Enoch is a representative of the people who are to be translated from the earth." R & H Mar. 12, 1889.

There is to be a PEOPLE fitted up for translation to heaven, WHOM ENOCH REPRESENTS." R & H May 24, 1887.



By the authority of the Spirit of Prophecy we can rightly believe that the ANTI-TYPES of these three persons, ENOCH, ELIJAH and CHRIST with the multitude of resurrected, will be fulfilled DURING the harvest as in the TYPE, BEFORE probation for the CHURCH is ended.

Looking back to the types we can see that Enoch was the FIRST man to announce judgment upon the wicked. He was the seventh from Adam. "Seven" means complete, finished, thus PERFECTLY TYPIFYING THE CLASS REPRESENTED BY HIM in Rev. 7:9, (the great multitude). "...on his right arm he bore a glorious palm, and on each leaf was written 'victory'." "...the palm is a symbol of victory over death and the grave; that is, THEY NEVER DIED." 2 SR 44,45.

"As Enoch was translated to heaven LONG BEFORE the destruction of the world by water" (Eze. 9), so the living righteous (wave-sheaf first) will be translated from the earth LONG BEFORE it's destruction by fire. (1 SR. p.43). "We now behold good old Enoch, having around his head a dazzling wreath; above it a lovely crown brighter than the sun and on his right arm a glorious palm. It is BY HIM the GREAT TRANSLATED MULTITUDE (Rev. 7:9) are both LED and REPRESENTED, all in pure white robes, palms in their hands, and golden crowns on their heads."

"Though Elijah represents those who shall be translated at (before) the second coming of Christ Enoch does too. Both men were translated without seeing death. The question is why two types? Because there are two companies of people to be translated; the 144,000, and the great multitude of Rev. 7:9. The 144,000 are Israelites; the great multitude are not (they are mixed). Enoch was not an lsraelite, therefore he cannot represent Israel, the 144,000 (He was translated during the Melchisedek period before Abraham)."

"The name Israel did not come into existence until the time of Jacob, which was many centuries after Enoch was translated.

"If Enoch represents the great multitude of Rev. 7:9, then Elijah represents the 144,000 for only TWO in the world's history have been translated without seeing death." 1 SR 46. "...Thus Elijah stands as a type of the 144,000 living, translated saints." 1 SR 44,47.


1.The RESURRECTION and TRANSLATION of Moses (type of Christ–a "special resurrection).


2. The RESURRECTION and ASCENSION at the time of Jesus (a "special" resurrection of the righteous ONLY Matt 27.)

3. The "special" resurrection of Dan. 12 (mixed resurrection of righteous and WICKED).

4. The first resurrection of Rev. 20:6 (righteous only) – at the second coming of Christ.

5. The TRANSLATION of Enoch.

6. The TRANSLATION of Elijah.

7. The general TRANSLATION at the coming of Christ (of dead and living righteous). 1SR p.49.

"We again have the number seven, the SIGN of perfection, ALL, or FINISHED. Then we have the "special resurrection" of the dry bones of Eze. 36 – Eight, a NEW ORDER.

Enoch and Elijah are the master types for the living wave-sheaf, the first of the first-fruits of the harvest of souls to receive eternal life and a trip to Paradise, BEFORE the Executive Judgment of humanity began. These prefigure their ANTITYPE NOW IN THE END OF THE HARVEST.

Moses (at the transfiguration of Christ), Christ, and the multitude raised on the eighteenth day of the first month, A.D. 31, Passover, are the MASTER TYPES for the resurrected wave-sheaf of the Dead and prefigure their ANTITYPES NOW in the END OF THE HARVEST of Souls.

The question is: Are the children of God able to receive and appropriate these grand Truths pre-ordained to redeem the fruits of the Lord's harvest in the time in which we now find ourselves.

"INSPIRED TRUTH EITHER SAVES OR DESTROYS." The choice is for each to make – to be a LIVING wave-sheaf and ready to be offered; so that the rest of the first fruits from the twelve Tribes may be quickly gathered that the Lord of Harvest may find His faithful servants, so doing as He, in the Harvest to the Jewish Nation in A.D. 27-31, Amen.



Salem, MA. 01970

Vol. 7, No. 1

March 1985



Only forty years ago Adolf Hitler was writing another bible. Point: God had decreed the Jews a Chosen People and promised His blessing on those who would bless them. Counterpoint: Hitler cursed the Jews as his misfortune. Point: God promised to love, chasten, protect and preserve the Jews – and to make their END MORE GLORIOUS THAN THEIR BEGINNING. Counterpoint: Hitler ordered the final solution of the Jewish problem – just murder them all. Point: Jesus Christ blew away the sin of neutrality during a war between good and evil so that there could be no "fifth amendment" in failing to get involved on behalf of suffering Jews or any other people.

"The Nazis knew that the world would not interfere with their killing of Jews. THERE WAS ONE NATIONAL EXCEPTION. Hitler hadn't counted on the Danes, who never subscribed to his "Mein Kampf" unholy scriptures nor to the sin of silence. They became the SOLE EXAMPLE of an entire nation rising almost as one man to protect its Jewish citizens.


To his dismay, Hitler found that there was something right in Denmark. I recently read the account of "The miracle of Denmark" in a publication put out by the National Conference of Christians and Jews based in New York.

While millions of Jews in Eastern and Western Europe were being herded toward gas chambers and Ovens, over ninety percent of Denmark's 8000 Jews were saved. As the NCCJ publication states: "They were taken into the homes of Christians, hidden in Church attics and cellars, admitted to hospitals under Christian names, wherever there was a safe haven; until they could be transported by fishing boat across the Sund which separated Denmark from neutral Sweden. For the remainder of the war, the Danes maintained the homes, shops, libraries, religious treasures, and community institutions of the absent Jews so their neighbors could return in 1945 to begin life anew."

Jews had lived in Denmark for some 300 years; ever since King Christian VI invited Portuguese Jews of Amsterdam and Hamburg to settle in Denmark. Once in


Denmark, Jews had risen to some of the highest and most noble positions in the land, not because of Gentile expediency nor Jewish craftiness, but because they were Jewish Danes of ability.

Then in April 1940, the Jewish nightmare in Denmark began. Their land was overrun by Nazis. Hitler prepared to remove Jews to the extermination camps beyond Denmark's borders. His own Nazi warlords sent to govern Denmark cautioned him not to move on Danish Jews. Though Hitler detested Danish Jews walking free in a land he had conquered, he was warned by even the crazed monster from Auschwitz, Rudolff Mildner, that Danish Christians would never stand by idly while Jewish blood was spilled.


From the political throne to the pulpit to the pew, Denmark took its stand. When King Christian X was asked about the "Jewish question" he formally replied: "There are only my people." When reproached by the Nazis for his "negligence of the Jewish problem," the king devastated them with, "Gentlemen, since we have never considered ourselves to be inferior to the Jews, we have no problem! Before he was made a virtual prisoner of war, the king even ordered synagogues that Nazis had burned be repaired at his cost.

Finally, the Nazis decided that they would have to move on the Jews without Danish help. Transport ships with S.S. troops arrived to begin the raids. Hitler demanded that Denmark be "Judenfrei" (free of Jews). But he hadn't reckoned on the Danish pulpit and pew. To fight Danish political power on the throne was bad enough. To face a theology where Christians were prepared to back up their beliefs with their lives was worse.


Let "The Miracle of Denmark" account given by the National Conference of Christians and Jews publication take you back in time. All across the land of Denmark, the official church of Denmark (Lutheran) took its stand. Pastors stood to share with their congregations the message that their Danish bishops had sent to the German authorities through the heads of the government departments: "Wherever Jews are persecuted as such on racial or religious grounds, the Christian church is duty-bound to protest against this action.

"Because we can never forget that the Lord of the Christian church, Jesus Christ, was born in Bethlehem of the Virgin Mary according to God's promise to His Chosen People, Israel. The history of the Jewish people before the birth of Jesus contains the preparation for the salvation God has prepared for all


mankind in Christ. This is shown by the fact that the Old Testament is part of our Bible.

"Persecution of the Jews conflicts with that recognition and love of man that are a consequence of the gospel which the church of Jesus Christ was founded to preach. Christ is no respecter of persons, and He has taught us to see that every human life is precious in the eyes of God...

"Despite differing religious views, we shall therefore struggle to ensure the continued guarantee to our Jewish brothers and sisters of the same freedom we ourselves treasure more than life itself...

"We will therefore unambiguously declare our allegiance to the doctrine that bids us obey God more than man."

"Blessed is he that blesseth thee, and cursed is he that curseth thee." Numbers 24:9b.



DECEMBER 7-15, 1985

"And was at Jerusalem the feast of the dedication (HANNUKAH), and it was winter. And Jesus (the Light of the world) walked in the Temple in Solomon's porch." John 10:22, 23; 9:5, 39.

"The readings for the eight days of Hannukah are taken successively from numbers six, relating to the gifts of the twelve princes of Israel on the occasion of the dedication of the altar of the Tabernacle in the wilderness; on the eighth day numbers 7:54; 8:4. The last four verses referring to the kindling of the lights of the holy candlesticks. The twenty-fifth of Kislev (December) was supposed also to be the date of the dedication of the altar in the time of Moses.

"Hannukah, variously termed Festival of Lights, or Feast of Illumination, is celebrated by the display of eight lamps on the first of the eight days, diminishing one each day until the last day, or in reverse order.

"The lights were symbolical of the liberty obtained by the Jews on the day of which Hannukah is celebrated – the miracle said to have occurred at the dedication of the Purified Temple. This was that a small cruse of consecrated oil unpolluted by the Hasmonean Priests when they entered the Temple, it, the cruse of oil, having been sealed and hidden away, lasted for eight days until new oil could be prepared for the lamps of the holy candlestick. Similarly, reference is alluded to the relighting of the alter-


fire by Nehemiah due to a miracle which occurred on the twenty fifth of Kislev, and a reason given for the same date for the dedication of the altar by Judas Maccabeas. The same date three years previous was set a pagan altar by Antiochus at the altar of burnt offerings in the Temple at Jerusalem. The twenty fifth of Kislev was sacred to the heathen, also.

"Before the Maccabeas victory the twenty-fifth of Kislev (December) had been celebrated as a "winter solstice feast by the Jewish People."

"Women are enjoined to kindle the Hannukah Lamp. The heroic deed of Judith is classed with the Maccabeas story.

"Songs extolling God, as Israel's DELIVERER are to be sung by old and young. The Jewish Encyclopedia.


[Publisher's Note: We are not currently aware of the existence of Merkabah 5.]


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