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Benjamin L. Roden

Signs and Wonders in Modern Israel Part 2

BL – 186/26/59

Subject:Parallel Development of the Confederacies, Immanuel & Mahershalalhashbaz.

Aim:Review of the three phases of this parallel development, Isa. 7 & 8 and Rev. 17.

Gem Thought:"While the enemy has succeeded in confusing the written Word, God lightens the earth with His glory by these symbolic revelations; and by which He discloses the entire Truth and uncovers the traps of the devil! Thus through types and symbols He makes wise the simple and confounds the prudent by showing that where there is no type there is no truth." 2SR page 10:2.

"... there is a type for every incident of vital interest to the church of God..." Id. p. 255:2.

"A close study of the type is the only possible way to clear the truth..." Id. p. 266:5.

"A great searchlight by the power of the Spirit shining through the types, is the only medium that can remove the obstruction and clear the way to an understanding..." Id. p. 267:0.


Since the pen of a man (V. T. Houteff), Isa. 8:1, has recorded in detail the development of the Confederacy, Immanuel and Mahershalalhashbaz up until 1955, and since the confederacy prophecies in Isa. 7 & 8 have proven the up-to-the-minute identity of Syria (U.S.), Israel (S.D.A.), Judah (D.S.D.A.), Immanuel (The Branch) and Mahershalalhashbaz (Davidians since Nov. 9, 1955), we shall confine our study to their three-phase development:

(1)The Local Confederacy..........................Samaria (U.S.A.) and Israel (S.D.A.) Isa. 7:2.
(2)The Western Confederacy.....................Assyria (U.S.A., England & Allies) Isa. 8:7-9.
(3)The East-West Confederacy...................U.S.A. and Russia–all nations. Rev. 17:12,13 (and the corresponding growth of Immanuel & Mahershalalhashbaz)

PHASE I.The Local Confederacy ------------------ Syria (U.S.A.), and Israel (S.D.A.)

"And it came to pass in the days of Ahaz ... king of Judah, that Rezin the king of Syria, and Pekah ... king of Israel, went up toward Jerusalem to war against it ... And it was told the house of David, saying, Syria is confederate with Ephraim ..." Isaiah 7:1-2.

clearly:The name "Davidian Seventh-day Adventist" is mute proof as to the identity of the present day House of David.

Israel (S.D.A.) is strengthening her alliance with Syria (U.S.A.) by preparing her young men for war despite the counsel of the Lord. (1T 361:2.)

I.While Seventh-day Adventists prepare for war God says to Davidians:

A."Ask thee a sign of the Lord thy God; ask it either in the depth, or in the height above. But Ahaz (Mt. Carmel leaders after death of V.T.H.) said, I will not ask, neither will I tempt the Lord. And he said, Hear ye now, O house of David; Is it a small thing for you to weary men, but will ye weary my God also? Therefore, the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel." Isa. 7:10-14.

TYPE:"Syria, Judah, Israel and Assyria are types, so also Immanuel must be..." Tract 14:34.

"...Immanuel (Christ in the person of His people)..." Id. 35.

Strictly speaking, the virgin Mary would have to be a type of that which gives birth to the Immanuels of today. The only virgin movement today who stayed at home to "plead with Mother" (Hosea 2) is the Davidian Seventh-day Adventists.

"...exists solely to accomplish a divinely appointed work (pleading with mother) within the Seventh-day Adventist denomination, wherein it therefore strictly confines its activities." Leviticus, Preface of D.S.D.A.

The Confederacy –part #2

Therefore:As the events of 1955 show, Davidians (Mary) gave birth to the Immanuel of today, The Branch, on October 10, 1955 (Eze. 24:1-2).

The following month, Sr. V.T. Houteff, the prophetess of Isa. 8:3, having told the Lord they (leaders) of Mt. Carmel (House of David) did not want a sign (more Truth--butter), gave birth to her own child, Mahershalalhashbaz on Nov. 9, 1955. This child is born of the flesh and represents those Davidians who lean upon "an arm of flesh," instead of upon the Spirit of the Lord. Sr. V.T. Houteff's "arm of flesh" pressed the "42 month theory" of "no more light, no more prophets" upon the Davidians to counteract the "sign" (Truth) that the Lord brought with the birth of Immanuel, The Branch. The lack of a Biblical "birth record" for Nov. 9, 1955, shows beyond doubt that Mahershalalhashbaz is not of the Spirit, but of the flesh.

Note:"Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, that I will raise unto David a righteous Branch... and this is HIS name whereby HE shall be called, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS." Jeremiah 23:5-6.

TYPE:As in the type, before the purification of the twelve, Jesus Christ revealed Himself to the House of David, the Jews, so that they might take hold of His righteousness and be saved.

So today, Jesus Christ reveals Himself before the purification, Eze. 9, that we might take hold of Him, The Branch and be covered with His righteousness. 2 Ans. bk. 34:1.

After the purification, those left become the Lamb's Bride, as God, as the angel of the Lord (Zech. 12:8), and then of her it is said:

"...I will cause the Branch of righteousness to grow up unto David ...and this is the name wherewith SHE shall be called, The LORD our righteousness ...." Jeremiah 33:15-16.

Conclusion:The "searchlight" shining through the type shows that even though the followers of Christ were not called "Christians" until after Pentecost (at Antioch, A.A. 157:1), the name "Christ" was revealed long before that time. So today, the new name "Branch" that the Bride receives when she becomes as the angel of the Lord, is revealed long before that time, even before the purification of the antitypical Judases. Thus "HE" is The Branch, Christ in the Word, while the virgins are getting the extra oil--"righteousness of Christ," then after the marriage "SHE" becomes "one" with Christ The Branch, His righteous Bride.

B."Butter and honey shall he eat, that he may know to refuse the evil and choose the good..." Isa. 7:15.

"And it shall come to pass in that day, that a man shall nourish a young cow, and two sheep; And it shall come to pass, for the abundance of milk that they shall give he shall eat butter: for butter and honey shall every one eat that is left in the land." Id. 21-22.

TYPE:John the Baptist brought a limited amount of "butter" to the Jews, but it was Christ who brought the abundance of "butter" that matured the Apostles for their gospel commission. "But the work of John was not sufficient to lay the foundation of the Christian church...another work was to be done which his testimony could not accomplish." D.A. 181:5.

"John the Baptist was given a work similar to ours..." uTG1:42:19.
"John's work the type, ours (Rod) the antitype." 1TGr 36:4:1.

The Rod (Rev. 7:1-8---2nd. period of 3rd angel) is a "...very restricted representation...of the judgment of the living..." (Rev. 18:1---3rd. period, 1SR 32:2) W.H.R. 39:1.

clearly:Bro. Houteff, as antitypical John, brought a very restricted amount of "butter," which, as pointed out in the type, not sufficient to lay the foundation, i.e., finish the call of the 144,000.


Bro. V.T. Houteff, now dead in the grave, is perfectly typified by John the Baptist and not by Elijah the Tishbite who was translated without seeing death.

The Confederacy –part #3

Having received just a restricted, insufficient amount of "butter," yet knowing that Elijah is to " to our understanding ALL the prophecies...pertaining to the of the Lord..." G.C.S. 21:1 1950, we see clearly that Bro. Houteff, as was John, is followed by one who will bring an abundance of "butter." The Rod confirms this in It's declaration that the Elijah who restores all things is "imminent" or future from Bro. Houteff's time. See Jezreel Letter #9:1:6. The type points out that from the work of John clear through Pentecost, there was an ever-unfolding interpretation (butter) of the Scriptures; so today, as the type demands, beginning with V.T. Houteff--John, "...God will continue to speak (give butter) to her until she become...light in all the world..." Tract #8:3:1. With V.T.H.-- John dead, with nothing restored, with God's declaration we "still have" a prophet when Ezekiel 9 comes (uTG2:45:9-10 & uTG2:24:23), even perhaps now many Mahershalalhashbazes will cast the "arm of flesh" (private interpreters) from him and accept THE BRANCH, the organization that brings the "revival and reformation." (1TGr 8-24:3; 26:3).

What happens to the S.D.A. – U.S.A Confederacy?

"For before the child (Immanuel) shall know to refuse the evil, and choose the good, the land that thou abhorrest shall be forsaken of both her kings. The Lord shall bring upon thee. . . even the king of Assyria." Isaiah 7:16-17.

"For before the child (Mahershalalhashbaz) shall have knowledge to cry, My father (God), and my mother (the church), the riches of Damascus and the spoil of Samaria shall be taken away from before the king of Assyria." Isa. 8:4.

TYPE:History points out that ancient Assyria overthrew the Syrian-Israel confederacy and scattered the Israelites.

The above quoted Scriptures bear out the truth revealed in the type that modern Assyria (U.S. & allies) will overthrow the local alliance between U.S.A. AND S.D.A. The merging of the Western nations into one solid "bloc" will be brought about by the lamb-like beast in his dragon-like phase and the false prophet, and will replace all local church and state powers (kings). Hence, the "riches" of Damascus (Washington D.C.), which has made her a "king" and the "spoil" gained by Samaria (S.D.A.) from being American born, which made her also a "king," are taken away as the individual nations and churches yield up their powers to the Assyrian church-state confederation. This happens before Immanuel becomes completely Christ-like; before Mahershalalhashbaz realizes fully that he has been following the prophetess, not God.

What happens to Immanuel during the U.S.A.-S.D.A confederacy?

"...prepare thee stuff for removing, and remove by day in their sight; and thou shalt remove from thy place (Texas, California, Florida, Oregon, Canada, etc.) to another place (Palestine) in their sight; it may be they will consider, though they be a rebellious house." Ezekiel 12:3.

"...for I have set thee for a sign unto the house of Israel..." Ezekiel 12:6.

we see:Immanuel (wave sheaf section) "removes" or journeys back to Palestine "in their sight"--everyone in S.D.A. is to have knowledge of this unusual move.

As the "vanguard" (Leviticus, of D.S.D.A., page 3:2), Immanuel-wave-sheaf--goes before (Webster: vanguard--front of army) as a sign to Judah and Israel.

"Say, I (wave-sheaf--vanguard) am your sign: like as I have done, so shall it be done unto them: they shall remove and go into captivity." Eze. 12:11.

Note:God is now calling for His vanguard, those who are willing to push forward into Palestine so that the army of first-fruits, 144,000, may follow.

PROOF:"...the first of the first fruits (wave-sheaf Ex. 23:19) of the living, the vanguard from among the present-day descendants of those Jews who composed the Early Christian Church. With the emergence of this vanguard and it's army the first fruits...the 144,000..." Leviticus of D.S.D.A. 3:2

"...the Lord's feet...prepare the land for the returning of His people (army–144,000)." 1TGr 19:4:3.

The Confederacy –part #4

What happens to Mahershalalhashbaz at the end of the U.S.A. – S.D.A confederacy?

"For before the child shall have knowledge to cry, My father, and my mother, the riches of Damascus and the spoil of Samaria shall be taken away before the king of Assyria." Isaiah 8:4.

we see:Despite the efforts of Immanuel to share his butter and honey with Mahershalalhashbaz, Mahershalalhashbaz refuses to believe that the prophetess, and not the Holy Spirit, has conceived and nurtured him, Not until the Assyrian period of war, famine and pestilence does Mahershalalhashbaz-Davidians, wake up to the awful truth that Sr. V.T. Houteff, (and Ahaz – Ex-Council), has indeed been their mother. Remember the fate of Hagar and Ishmael.

"Forasmuch as this people (Davidians) refuseth the waters (message) of Shiloah (Christ, The Branch)...behold, the Lord bringeth up upon them...even the king of Assyria..." Isaiah 8:6-7.

PHASE II.The Western Confederacy ---- Assyria (U.S.A., England & Allies)

"Associate yourselves, O ye people...gird yourselves...gird yourselves...take counsel together..." Isaiah 8:9.

TYPE:Ancient Assyria broke up the Syrian-Israel confederacy.

Today those whose "ear is on the ground" can hear the deep rumblings of "confederation" as the Western nations led by U.S. and England, through fear of Communism, move to "associate" "gird" and "counsel together." The emergence of a Western bloc church-state confederation will bring to an end the local alliance (U.S.A. & S.D.A.) and usher in the Assyrian period, which is after Eze. 9. (See Harvest Period & Close of Probation chart)

What happens during this Assyrian period?

A."O Assyrian, the rod of mine anger, and the staff in their hand is mine indignation." Isaiah 10:5.

"...the Assyrian...which smote with a rod." Isaiah 30:31.

we see:Assyria, the-2-horned-beast-U.S. makes an image to the beast and "smites, God people, Jacob, with a "rod"--Sunday law.

"Alas! for that day is great, so that none is like it: it is even the time of Jacob's trouble..." Jeremiah 30:7.

Read "Time of Trouble," Early Writings, page 282-285.

Note:"And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two mos. And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name (BRANCH), and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven. And it was given unto him to make war with the saints..." Rev. 13:5-7. (the 42-mo. period is the Assyrian period)--Time of Jacob's trouble, time of war.

B."...and he (Assyrian) shall pass through Judah; he shall overflow and go over, he shall reach even to the neck; and the stretching out of his wings shall fill the breadth of thy land, O, Immanuel." Isaiah 8:8.

"...I will break the Assyrian in my land, and upon my mountains..." Id. 14:25.

"And he shall pass over to his (Assyrian) stronghold..." Id. 31:9.

we see:These Scriptures clearly indicate that the Assyrian–U.S., England & Allies, are brought into Immanuel's land, Palestine. There is war among the nations.

PROOF:"For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem..." Zech. 14:2.

What happens to Immanuel during the Assyrian period?

"For thus saith Lord God, the Holy One of Israel; In returning and rest

The Confederacy –part #5

shall ye be saved; in quietness (no war or Sunday laws) and confidence shall be your strength: AND YE WOULD NOT...But ye said, No; for we will flee..." Isaiah 30:15,16.

"THEREFORE saith the Lord God of hosts, O my people that dwellest in Zion, be not afraid of the Assyrian: he shall smite thee with a rod, and shall lift up his staff against thee...for yet a very little while (42 mos. Rev. 13:5)..." Isaiah 10:24,25.

we see:Immanuel, 144,000 section, the army of the vanguard, will not return with the Immanuel-wave-sheaf-van-guard section in a time of "rest," "quietness" and "confidence." They tell the Lord "No," they want to go when they have to "flee"--time of war. So the Lord brings the Assyrian's "rod" (Sunday law) upon him.

Then " that day every man (144,000) shall cast away his idols of silver, and his idols of gold, which your own hands have made unto you for a sin." Isaiah 31:7.

What happens to Mahershalalhashbaz?

"The beast we are told is a man, Rev. 13:18. The demand to worship, obey the beast's command, therefore, is a demand to worship, obey, man in place of God." Jezreel Letter #2 page 11:5.

we see:Those Davidians who refuse to accept the Branch "butter" in place of the prophetess's with her advisers' private theories, will receive the mark of the beast instead of the mark of God.

"And I will send the sword, the famine, and the pestilence, among them, till they be consumed from off the land that I gave unto them and to their fathers." Jeremiah 24:10.

What happens to the Assyrian confederacy?

"Associate yourselves...and ye shall be broken in pieces ...gird yourselves, and ye shall be broken in pieces. Take counsel together, and it shall come to nought; speak the word, and it shall not stand..." Isaiah 8:9,10.

"That I will break the Assyrian in my land, and upon my mountain tread him under foot: then shall his yoke depart from off them, and his burden depart from off their shoulders." Isaiah 14:25.

"For through the VOICE OF THE LORD shall the Assyrian be beaten down, which smote with a rod." Isaiah 30:31.

"Then shall the Assyrian fall with the sword, not of a mighty man and the sword, not of a mean man, shall devour him: but he shall flee from the sword, and his young men shall be discomfited. And he shall pass over to his strong hold for fear, and his princes shall be afraid of the ensign..." Isa. 31:8-9.

we see:Plainly, the period when the Assyrian--U.S., England and allies, unite Church & State, the land is forsaken of both her kings (Isa. 7:16), "...taken away before the king of Assyria...." Isa. 8:4.

"...the Assyrian will control the land just so long as God's people continue in idolatry. But, just as soon as all idols are cast aside, yes, as soon as the great revival and reformation (The Branch brings it--1TGr 8:24) takes place in the hearts of the people.--then the Assyrian...shall certainly fall..." 1TGr 33:4,5.

NOTE:History points out that ancient Babylon became a world power after ancient Assyria overthrew the ancient Syrian-Israel confederacy. So today, the daughter of Babylon will take over when the Assyrian yoke is broken. God puts it in the hearts of the ten horns (the kings of the earth) to give their power to the beast (Revelation 17:12).

"But there is another thing that is to happen between the setting of the confederacy (Assyrian) of Isaiah 8:9 and the rise of Babylon: it IS THE SETTING UP OF GOD'S KINGDOM. God's people are to be taken to their own land and made free." Symbolic Code 12:1:7.

PHASE III.The East-West-Confederacy ---------------All nations--Babylon the Great.

The Confederacy –part #6

"And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. These have one mind and shall give their power and strength unto the beast...For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beasts until the words of God shall be fulfilled." Revelation 17:12,13,17.

we see:Plainly, the period when the Assyrian--U.S., England & Allies, Russia & Satellites

"...they (10 kings) shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up a sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more." Micah 4:3.

But these 10 kings of one mind (at peace among themselves):

"...shall make war with the Lamb...", "...and there shall be a time of trouble (for the great multitude), such as never was since there was a nation..." Revelation 17:14; Daniel 12:1.

Immanuel during the period of Babylon the Great:

"...the house of David shall be as God, as the angel of the Lord before them." Zechariah 12:8.

"...and this is the name wherewith SHE (Lamb's Bride) shall be called, The LORD our righteousness." Jeremiah 33:16.

"And saviours shall come up on mount Zion to judge..." Obadiah, verse 21.

"And they (144,000) shall bring all your brethren (great multitude–Rev. 7:9), "...out of all my holy mountain Jerusalem..." Isa. 66:20; Rev. 18:4.

"...the Lamb shall overcome them (Babylon the Great)..." Revelation 17:14.

SUMMARY:Bro. Houteff's chart, "The Harvest period and the Close of Probation," shows that the federation of churches (woman sitting on heads) comes after the sealing of the 144,000 and slaughter of Eze. 9. Then the church-state rule of two-horned beast and false prophet (fall of Assyria) comes next. (Rev. 13:11 last part). The fall of Assyria is like the fall of Babylon the Great, for at his fall (spiritual), he comes into existence and overflows Immanuel's land (Isa. 8:8). After 42 mos. (Rev. 13:5) of treading Jerusalem during the war of Zech. 14:1-3, his yoke is broken and he is driven out by the Voice of the Lord (Isa. 30:31). The kingdom is then set up--(12 S.Code 1-7:3) after which time Babylon the Great falls. Then after a short period of time (Rev. 17:10 last) the horns (nations) destroy Babylon the Great (Rev. 17:16). Shortly then, Jesus comes in the clouds.

During the Assyrian period there is a gigantic war. In the time of Babylon the Great there is no war among the nations (Micah 4:1-4), for they unite to make war on the Lamb "... the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lord and King of kings ..." Revelation 17:14.

In chart, "The World's History In Prophetic Symbols," the Church Federation (women sitting on heads) is after the two horned beast. This shows us that we are in the period when the two-horned beast is lamb-like; whereas, chart, "The Harvest Period and Close of Probation," shows the two-horned beast is dragon-like after the woman sits on the seven heads. This aspect gives Davidians and all, a new look at these two charts. Study prayerfully.

Heretofore, the Branch lessons and charts have been dealing with Spiritual Jerusalem (D.S.D.A.).

This present lesson, however, is dealing with literal Jerusalem, Palestine, which is the time of the Assyrian in his second phase, the time after his fall, church-state rule. (Daniel 11:31; Matthew 24:15).

This present lesson also proves that Russia does not drive Assyria out of Jerusalem as some have privately interpreted "FOR through the VOICE OF THE LORD shall the Assyrian be beaten down, which smote with a rod." Isaiah 30:31. "The period we are now in is antitypical Assyria." 12 Symbolic Code no. 1:1 --first phase.

Yours to hear the "Voice of the Lord" and with power proclaim His glorious new (BRANCH) name,
Benjamin L. Roden

P.O. Box 3088
Odessa, Texas

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