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"John Paul II will come and go, but the issue of the DOCTRINE OF THE PAPACY and SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE will remain. We MUST NEVER TIRE of attempting to put them and keep them in the right perspective." – The Baptist Standard, Editorial, Oct. 3, 1979.

"Amen to the Editorial. . . .Please allow me to say a hearty amen to your article on the pope (Oct. 3). . . .I am strongly in favor of religious freedom for everyone, but my heart quavered as I thought of Catholic traditions and beliefs. Are we on the threshold of ushering in ANOTHER DARK AGES IN OUR HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY?" – The Baptist Standard, Letters to the Editor, Oct. 31, 1979.


"As Rome asserts that the 'church NEVER erred; nor will it... EVER ERR' . . . Institutes of Ecclesiastical History, book 3. . ." (The Great Controversy, p. 564), Pope John Paul II is bound by the proclamation of Pope Pius IX, who declared in his 1864 "Syllabus" that church and state should be UNITED, that its separation is one of "THE PRINCIPAL ERRORS OF OUR TIME."


In his speech at St. Peter's before he left for Turkey recently, the Pope said his visit would "show concretely the decision of the pope. . . to carry ahead the efforts toward the UNITY OF ALL CHRISTIANS" and beyond to "collaboration with other religions and ALL MEN." During the visit to Turkey, who received him not as the head of the church but as a secular ruler (of the Vatican City), the pope stated his "impatience for unity."

". . . the timing of the pope's trip to America could not have been better. . .the United States and, for that matter, the ENTIRE Western world is suffering from a gaping VOID of leadership. The political giants that dominated the postwar world have nearly all faded from the scene. . . . Into this vacuum is stepping, BY SUBTLE yet WELL-ORCHESTRATED design, the leader of the oldest Christian professing body. THIS VISIT DID NOT OCCUR BY HAPPENSTANCE." The Plain Truth, p. 6, December 1979.

As John Paul II steps into the "VOID" he brings with him the inherited dogma (irrevocable, "never. . . ever err") that church and state MUST BE UNITED!

"All this reflects CONSCIOUS decision and a MAJOR development . . . John Paul who is perfectly aware of his charisma, is quite DELIBERATELY converting the papacy into a personal office . . . It is a strategy well adapted to (his) personality and the world's EAGERNESS for leadership . . . The Pontiff is emerging as a kind of incandescent leader that the world so HUNGERS for. . . He was (in America) a man for all seasons, all situations, ALL FAITHS." – Time Magazine.

"Pope John Paul II has emerged, ABOVE ALL the contending races and nations, as a SOLITARY FIGURE – but with the ability to speak with great moral authority. Accordingly, it's no wonder that he has emerged, not only as a spiritual but as a POLITICAL FORCE IN THE WORLD." – James Reston, nationally known news analyst.


"The most dramatic moment on the pope's itinerary occurred on Saturday, October 6. Over two hundred years of estrangement between the Vatican and the government of the United States came to an official end. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY A POPE visited the White House, an event UNTHINKABLE just two decades ago ...this breach between the 'Holy See' and Washington is being HEALED. An official exchange of ambassadors, long shunned in Washington, may not be too far off in the future." – The Plain Truth, p. 40, December 1979. (HEALED: see Revelation 13:3.)

"But this will be the first time for a Roman Catholic pontiff to visit the White House. It is interesting that the visit comes in the presidency of a Southern Baptist. A few years ago such a visit by the Pope of Rome to the White House would have brought forth a deafening cry of protest from Southern Baptists especially if the president had been a Catholic. But now there is silence. It is difficult for Southern Baptists to protest the pope's visit to the White House when the elected officers. . . of the Southern Baptist Convention have been frequent visitors to the White House. . . Southern Baptist familiarity with the White House could lead to a compromised position on SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. What will Southern Baptists say if a Roman Catholic is living in the White House and the Roman pope comes for a visit and says mass in the White House?" – The Baptist Standard, Editorial, October 3, 1979.


In a letter to Humberto Cardinal Medeiros of the Boston Archdiocese, nine New England Protestant and Anglican leaders said this: "The papal visit is an opportunity for ecumenical celebration. . .(the pope) is one whom we hold in high esteem and one whom we REACH OUT to embrace ACROSS OUR HISTORICAL DIVISIONS. . ."

"The Protestants of the United States will be FOREMOST in stretching their hands. . . over the abyss to clasp hands with the Roman power. . ." - E. G. White, The Great Controversy, p. 588, published in 1888.


Socialistic Catholicism, the child of Communism and Catholicism, is being brought forth by the Pope. At the United Nations, he shed "his clerical garb and displayed his 'humanistic' (socialistic-communistic) side. . . He interspersed his carefully chosen words. . with. . . MARXIST (communistic).. themes. Remarked Murray Kempton of the New York Post: 'There were curious echoes of Karl Marx's (father of communism) arraignment (denouncement) of the 19th century capitalism. The pope went far beyond criticizing the materialism that permeates the American life. He aligned himself in spirit with the demands of the developing nations for RESTRUCTURING THE WORLD ECONOMIC ORDER." – The Plain Truth, p. 6, December 1979.


"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads . . . that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name . . . and his number is Six hundred threescore and six." Rev. 13:16-18.

The Pope's Title: VICARIUS FILII DEI, the Roman numerical value is 666. The number 666 was transferred from the Pope to the two-horned beast, U.S.A., when she elected her first Catholic president in 1960. Kennedy, as the son of the Pope, whose number is 666, carried the number and passed it on to America, who has since been speaking like a dragon (Rev. 13:11) by carrying out Rome's dogmas, such as declaring Sunday laws constitutional in 1961 and including a Sunday Rider on the Energy Bill signed by President Ford in December 1975, aid to parochial education, etc.

"Dr. Eric Kellner, head of the Catholic Paulus Society of West Germany... (said) 'We are seeking conciliation with the communists. . . Our starting point is that the scientific future of man requires a NEW Christian theology.' . . . in the July, 1966, issue of 'Political Affairs,' the official communist theoretical journal. . . the lead article called for a dialogue between Catholics and communists. . .(it) indicated that this (also) was the 'party line' by quoting from the 'World Marxist Review' that 'the Catholics are our MAIN ALLIES today. . .' (another) article in the issue. . set forth. . .that since both Christians and communists are interested in the betterment of man, they should be working together. . . Russian Catholic readers (were told)... that 'the building of the kingdom of Christ on earth is more and more associated with the communist reconstruction of the world.' . . .(and) the Red atheist magazine. . . noted that 'COMMUNISTIC CHRISTIANITY appeals to its believers to get involved in the struggle for socialism and socialist ideals.' " – Special Edition, "Catholics' Communist Crisis," The Spotlight, Sept. 3, 1979.


"...Sen. Edward M. Kennedy.... embraced EVERY CAUSE OF THE LIBERAL LEFT, running alphabetically from greater appeasement of the Soviets to larger welfare for the poor..." – James J. Kilpatrick, copyrighted columnist for the Universal Press Syndicate, February 3, 1980.

What Kennedy has championed for years, is now the "evangelical" program of the Catholic Church as revealed by the Pope in his United Nations address; and at the 1979 convention of the Catholic Press Association. ". . . 500 editors and journalists in attendance were exhorted to mobilize 50 million American Catholics to get behind the 'new social teachings' of the church, which, they were told, 'combine the best of liberalism, conservatism, and Marxism.' . . Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy of Miami declared that Catholic editors should convey to their readers 'this evangelization (which) has struck the church, and the exalting power for RADICAL REFORMATION that it brings with it." – Spotlight Special, Sept 3, 1979.

Are you ready to protest against the communistic-socialism of the world's leading politician, the Pope, his "son" Kennedy, and the back-to-Rome Protestants – all of whom are violating our Constitution which guarantees separation of Church and State, freedom of choice... freedom of speech... and freedom of religion...???

April 1980

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