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That everyone who thirsteth for the truth may obtain it, these publications are, as a Christian service, provided without charge. They levy but one exaction: the soul's obligation to itself to prove all things and hold fast to that which is good. The only strings attached to this free proffer are the golden strands of Eden and the crimson cords of Calvary - the ties that bind.
Lois I. Roden


Branch Ensign

"And  there  shall  come  forth  a  rod  out  of  the  stem  of  Jesse,  and  a  Branch  shall  grow  out  of  his  roots."  Isa. 11:1

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March 18, 1983

May 16, 1983

June 1, 1983

June 14, 1983

July 1983

August 1983

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[Publisher's note: The Branch letters were published and sent to the field between 1976 and 1983. Besides containing additional light on the Present Truth, they also provide a historical overview of some of the things which were transpiring during a most important period in the history of The Branch.]


March 18, 1983

Dear Present-Truth Believer:

We praise our Heavenly Family for Their mercy and watchcare over us during the several months of winter which have passed since we last wrote to you! The signs of spring in nature bring refreshing to our hearts as the season of the Passover approaches and we prepare for its blessings and duties.

A special New Year's celebration was held at the Queen's Home of Love in Detroit, Michigan. Sister Roden, Catherine Matteson and Perry Jones were guests of Queen for a week, and we attended the special Seed Planting services for the New year at the Home of Love. The special theme was planting "seeds of faith" for the gospel to go to China. Our friend from Manila, Sonia Lim, was the special guest and speaker. Sister Roden spoke several times, and on the last day of our visit she talked with Queen at Radio Station WQBH. During our visit to Detroit, WQBH held a religious service in the Shrine Auditorium. Several well-known black gospel singers and musicians performed to an audience of 4,000. Sister Roden received the keys to the City of Detroit by a representative of the Mayor's Office. After the concert several thousand SHEKINAH magazines were distributed.

After our November and December visits to the Home of Love in Detroit, we continued on to the Toronto area where Sisters Clarke, Dixon, Ottman and Sabourin had done extensive "leg-work" with the various media and had arranged newspaper, radio and television interviews in Toronto and other cities in the province of Ontario. The newspaper articles will be published in SHEKINAH. After talking with Sister Roden for a short while, one young radio interviewer readily stated that he believed the Holy Spirit to be the Heavenly Mother. In another radio interview, Sister Roden and Brother Jones were on a panel of ministers, which included the Salvation Army, United Church of Canada, and the Methodist Church. A tape of this panel discussion about the Holy Spirit Mother is available for you. Sister Roden returned to this station in February for a one person interview without a panel as the radio interviewer said that newspaper would like to give her more time to develop the subject. A major interview program, "Cherington," featured Sister Roden for half an hour. This Hamilton, Ontario, station gave us a copy of the program on video tape.

Brethren Worrow and Ramsay joined us in Detroit in January, and we enjoyed their companionship as they accompanied us on to Canada and back home to Waco. Brother Houtman of Massachusetts also spent the last weekend of our stay in Detroit, along with Sisters Clarke, Ottman, Harris, Sinclair and Jeremy Otttman. Ruth Ottman had joined us in Detroit during our November visit, returned to New Mt. Carmel Center for several weeks visit, and then returned home when we went to Detroit and Toronto in January.

The National Religious Broadcasters Convention was held this year in Washington, D.C., January 30 through Februarv 2. Sister Roden and Brethren Ramsay and Jones attended the Convention. Having obtained permission for a Universal Publishing booth, we set up the booth, along with some 300 others, featuring books by various Protestant and Catholic authors regarding the ministry of women and the Motherhood of God. The new Anniversary Edition of SHEKINAH featuring the best of our past two years of publishing--and the last SHEKINAH were given out at the booth. After less than two hours of the booth's opening, the executive board of NRB closed us down, saying they could not allow teachings about Holy Spirit Mother. In reality, this did not close us down in the overall picture because we then circulated among the people, attending seminars and making contacts for the remainder of the convention! The Washington Post interviewed Brother Ramsay concerning the closing down of our booth. The story will appear in a future edition of SHEKINAH. Many excellent contacts were made at the convention, some with leading evangelical figures in the United States. We thank our Heavenly Family for the seed we were able to sow, and the positive response we received.

During the Convention, we attended the annual Israeli Prayer Breakfast, which was sponsored by the Roundtable and the American Forum for Jewish-Christian Cooperation. We became personally acquainted with some of the leading

Page 2

Jewish and Christian scholars and leaders at the breakfast. We were later invited to an "inner circle" where we learned in depth about their concern for better relations between the American government and Israel. We distributed SHEKINAHS at every opportunity. Please pray for the seed sown!

During the NRB Convention, we made special effort to contact musicians and singers to suggest our Heavenly Mother is a new theme for music. Several, famous musical personalities agreed to consider it.

After the NRB Convention was over, Sister Roden flew back to Canada for radio, newspaper, and television interviews in various cities, while Brethren Ramsay and Jones spent one day distributing SHEKINAHS at the National Press building in Washington, D.C., where hundreds of news agencies from around the world have their offices—Washington is the news center of the world. A press release was given with each SHEKINAH stating that the Universal Press booth had been dosed down for presenting the Holy Spirit Mother. The United Press International and the Religious News Service interviewed the brethren concerning the closedown, and said they would also do a short story about the Spirit Mother later. If you have seen any of these stories, please send us copies. Thank you!

The brethren spent another day distributing SHEKINAHS at the offices of the United States Senators and most of the representatives on Capitol Hill. A SHEKINAH was left at the White House Office for Mrs. Reagan.

February 17, Sister Roden, Sister Matteson and Brother Jones attended the annual Angel Awards Banquet at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. SHEKINAH magazine received a nomination for an Angel, and placed in the finalists for a Certificate of Excellence and Merit. The SHEKINAH and In Her Image were distributed at the Banquet. Dale Evans Rogers, Art Linkletter, and other well-known people were contacted there and given SHEKINAHS. Mary Dorr, the Executive Director of Religion in the Media, who gives the awards, greeted us warmly, and her husband Gordon Gordon, expressed a growing interest in writing about Holy Spirit Mother. At the Awards Banquet we met a Bishop of the Syrian Church who is a member of the Angel Awards Board. He confirmed the femininity of the Shekinah and said that he would write an article for SHEKINAH. An agent for various well-known entertainment personalities talked with us extensively, and showed a great interest in our Heavenly Mother. We met him again a week later at the Grammy Awards, and he said that he had read In Her Image and liked it very much. He gave us his personal telephone number and said that he would keep in touch.

The following week we learned that the Grammy Awards would be held in Los Angeles. We attended and again distributed SHEKINAHS to many in the music industry. We spoke to several well-known singers—Little Richard, Diana Ross, Andrae Crouch, John Denver--at the reception held after the awards. It was suggested to them that they consider our Heavenly Mother as a theme for songs. The gospel is to go to all and each are given opportunity to use talents to publish the truth of our Heavenly Mother. We learned later that John Denver had appeared in a comedy skit involving our Heavenly Mother, and this is evidently why, when we spoke with him, that he seemed acquainted with the subject already. It was an unusual experience. Brothers Tom Caldwell and Lewis Zeinz helped distribute the SHEKINAHS at this function.

We visited with the Spanish-speaking Branch believers, and Sister Roden encouraged them, along with others, to move out of the Los Angeles area in preparation for extremely hard times. Let us join together in praying for these brethren that they may have the faith necessary to make the move while it is yet unobstructed. We were able to leave the area before the stormy season.

Sisters Weibush and Parker were very gracious hostesses to us the several times we met with them. They accompanied us to the monthly meeting of the Loma Linda Chapter of the Association of Adventist Women, which was organized at the time of the General Conference in 1980 in Dallas. It has had difficulty "getting off the ground," but now seems to be steadily growing. Its purpose is to provide fellowship, a sounding board, and influence-generator for Adventist women who see the great need of recognizing women's capabilities to serve in the same positions–ministerial and administrative–heretofore reserved for men. SHEKINAHS were distributed and some good contacts made. Sister Roden was able to explain the nature of her work in dealing with the cause of women's problems spiritually and economically, which is fundamentally a theological question, and which, if remedied, would automatically solve resulting problems.

Thank you for the response to our letter inquiring about those desiring to attend the unveiling of Brother Roden's gravestone in Israel at Passover time. We have received a good response and are preparing for the trip, leaving tentatively April 26-27 from New York City. If you are planning to go, but have not contacted us, phone at once.

May our Heavenly Parents bless you as you prepare for the coming Holy Passover Season, March 29-April 4.

Sincerely yours in great anticipation of the soon-coming-forth of a Wave-Sheaf for the living,

Lois I. Roden

May 16, 1983


Each tithepayer is requested to send his tithe and offerings directly to the Office himself, rather than through another person.

This request is now necessary for the purpose of establishing an individual record for each person which will qualify the believer for a pre-membership card, as well as keeping us informed with the current address of each one.

Some have not heard from the Office because their address was lost in the fire, and they have not corresponded directly with the Office.

All letters are to be addressed to Lois I. Roden, not to any organizational name, for there are other organizations in Waco using similar names. All money orders, or checks are also to be made out to Lois I. Roden, not any organizational name.


In addition to tithes and offerings, all inquiries and articles sent for SHEKINAH should be addressed to Lois I. Roden, not to other individuals on the staff.

This will facilitate production and planning.

Please keep us informed of your current address. Return mail costs are very high. It would be appreciated if you would also send us your telephone number that we may check to make sure we have your current number.

If you know of anyone who has not heard from us, please have them send their name and address. Some names and addresses were salvaged from the fire, but not all.

Thank you very kindly for your careful and prompt attention to these requests.

Sincerely yours to receive Her seal,

Lois I. Roden


–June 1, 1983–

Spring rains have arrived late this year and everything looks nice and green! We are reminded of the abundance of rain promised in Joel 2, and look hopefully toward that great time of the outpouring of Pentecostal power to reap the first fruit harvest.

As we observed the feast of Pentecost for this year, we were reminded that we are approaching the seventh year of the seven year period which began in 1977 when the message of our Heavenly Mother started. With ominous rumblings of war in the Middle East, increasing possibilities of financial collapse worldwide, and warnings of God's judgments in natural disasters, we are quickened to a greater awareness of the world's plight and our great need of power to finish the work so long ago started in Laodicea. Added to this, the personal trials arid tribulations--which in reality are God's workmen for our perfection of character--should help us all to see that now as never before we should be coming into unity with the Spirit of Prophecy and with one another that we might be ready to receive what the Heavenly Family have waiting for us as the seven year period comes to its close.

There are winds and voices many, but only one voice of timely truth to live or die for! (Read General Conference Special, pp. 8-10.) That which keeps unity from coming to God's Branch-believing people lies mainly in the idols of private opinion. (Read 1TG 3:5; 2TG 19:11) But through the power of God, and the commitment of our wills to Them, all may be overcome, Praise our Heavenly Family!

Sister Roden has been bringing to our attention these thoughts of unity and personal preparation for the great day of Pentecost just ahead. The traveling throne of Isaiah 6 has been her theme of study for several weeks, and we have all taken part in researching what has already been written that it might be blended with new revelations which Heaven is bringing. A tract on the subject is ready for publication. It is entitled "Chariots of Fire."

Last Sabbath we attended our first camp meeting of the year at Southwestern College at Keene, and distributed two new campmeeting leaflets just "off the press." The leaflets are entitled, "Balancing Out The Trinity–The Genders of the Godhead," and "From Second Fiddle to First String." A copy of each is enclosed. For additional copies for distribution in your area--especially--for SDA campmeetngs, or conventions of other churches-please write or call how many you need.

Because of our fire SHEKINAH was delayed, but we are happy to tell you that SHEKINAH for January-June will go to press this week. For extra copies, please send us your request.

The World Council of churches is having their sixth world session in Vancouver, Canada, this summer. 4,000 people are expected to attend, with around 1,000 press persons from around the, world. One of the issues of the Council--they call it a "burning issue"–is the "vision of a new community of women and men"! This is a fruitful field, wouldn't you agree! As it was the liberals in Jesus' day who listened to Him, whereas the orthodox rejected Him, so today it is the liberal church as represented by the World Council, who recognize the role of women and the feminine aspect of the Godhead, but the orthodox continue to demand male supremacy. The parallel is quite apparent. SHEKINAH representatives are planning to attend the World Council. At the same time in Vancouver, the national Religious News-writers and the International Women's Ministry Association will have their annual meetings; so it should be an opportune place for our Heavenly Mother to work.

The building fund for the new Administration Building continues to grow. Tentative plans are for a beautiful metal building.

Thanking you for your faithful prayers and support, we are praying that we all go the last mile,

Lois I. Roden


June 14, 1983

To those who are going to Israel for the Feast of Tabernacles September 22-29:

Now is the time to be making plans for the annual pilgrimage to Jerusalem to attend the International Christian Embassy Feast of Tabernacles celebration!

The round trip fair from New York City to Tel Aviv is $699.00, plus fare to New York City from your city. In addition to this will be cost of transportation from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and wherever else you may go. Lodging is available in Jerusalem at a reasonable rate. Please let us know right away if you plan to make the trip. The time of the feasts is a heavy traffic time to Israel, and reservations must be made very soon to insure each one transportation.

SHEKINAH (January-June)--and our reprint of the SHEKINAH Anniversary Issue--with a new tract, "Chariot of Fire," are being published soon; two new campmeeting tracts are available for distribution now.

Sincerely yours in our Heavenly Branch Family,

Lois I. Roden



July 1983

"1984 will be the most important election year in the history of the United States," declared Democratic presidential candidate Senator John Glenn, first man on the moon. Senator Glenn, along with the other declared presidential candidates of both major parties–Senator Hollingsworth. (S.C.), former vice-president Walter F. Mondale, Senator Gary Hart (Ind.), Senator Alan CranSton (Calif.), Mrs. Bea Mooney and George Roden. Each were given three minutes to speak. Brother George was televised by Waco TV Channel 6 and was seen in the central Texas area for two days.

Last week-end SHEKINAH staff visited the National Women's Political Caucus annual meeting in San Antonio, where we were given press credentials and permission to distribute the new SHEKINAH–stuffed with "From Second Fiddle to First String," "Balancing out the Genders of the Trinity," and "Merkabah," Part 1. Literature was given to Mr. Mondale, as well as the rest of the candidates, and around 800 women from every state in the Union. These women are politically active, and therefore good ground for SHEKINAH seed-planting. Most of the women we talked with had a knowledge of the feminine aspect of God.

When told about Mother-Holy Spirit, Ann Richards, Texas State Treasurer, Stated, "I have always known about this!" Bella Abzug, famous former congresswomen from New York, said she was familiar with it; Mary Bailey, President of Republican Women's Political Caucus, said she knew about it–she put on a skit at the banquet honoring famous American political women, in which she referred to God as "She"–and the famous writer and founder of Ms. magazine, Gloria Steinem said she knew about it and that she would very much enjoy receiving our magazine. We talked with her at length in a press conference. The caucus' legal counsel is the city attorney of San Antonio. She told us that she was a panelist on Bishop Leiske's "Religious Town Hall of the Air" and that she would appreciate any material we could send her which she could use on the program. Bishop Leiske is the only Seventh-day AdventiSt minister who has the title of Bishop, which is purely honorary from his colleages on the program. Many of the women at the caucus knew that the "put-down" of women onginated–at least in the Christian church–with Rome, in the fourth century when post-Biblical Judaism merged with Greek philosophy, gained control of the Christian church, and set themselves up in Rome. We know this in prophetic terms as the little horn power of Daniel 7:25. These women know the history but, of course, not the prophecy, and this is where our message comes in powerfully. We told the women that more emphasis should be placed on the theological origin of the subordination of women–which was not only felt in the church, but the political and business arenas as well–that the knowledge might help to completely liberate women from this bondage.

It was a wonderful, thrilling, enlightening experience to learn that a group of women exists who have enough political power to attract the presidential candidates to their convention, and whose minds are already opened to the feminine aspect of the Trinity. Blessed be the name of the Lords of Heaven and Earth!

We are living in a time of miracles, as our next news item will declare! The Seventh-day Adventists publish a weekly magazine for the teenagers called "Insight." The first three weeks in June, "Insight" published an article by Kit Watts, librarian at Andrews University. The article, "A Woman Looks at God, states that "THE FEMININE IMAGE OF GOD is actually developed and expanded by Ellen White in her writings." If you have opportunity you may try to obtain the June 7, 14, and 21 issues of "Insight" and read the articles for yourself. We are going to reprint them soon. The young people of the western hemisphere are having a youth congress in Mexico City in 1984; these articles should be very good for them–they are S.D.A.

One Sabbath recently, Elder Miller, president of the Texas conference, visited the Waco S.D.A. church and told about his trip to Africa, especially Ethiopia. While in Ethiopia he learned that the 8,000,000 followers of the Coptic Church–originated by Egyptians who accepted Christianity in 100-200 A.D.–in the mountains of Ethiopia STILL KEEP THE SABBATH (read about this in Great Controversy), and believe in the state of the

Page 2

dead as SDA's do. While in Addis Ababa, the capitol of Ethiopia, he visited a cathedral where he saw a picture of a woman on the wall. When he asked the guide if she were the Virgin Mary, he was told, NO, that it was the Holy Spirit Mother. Not only has the Coptic church retained the Sabbath, but the identity of the Holy Spirit as well. (The confirmation of our faith is coming in a flood of Truth. It is so wonderful!)

Elder Miller did not mention the picture of the Holy Spirit on the cathedral wall in his sermon, but he told us privately afterward. He also said he immediately thought about us at New Mt. Carmel Center when the guide identified the picture for him. Another facet of development in the Ethiopian picture came this week as we learned from a newspaper report that Ethiopian churchmen have preserved more manuscripts than those of any other country, and that they may have more letters from the apostles. The article also states that the Ethiopian manuscripts are special because they may be CHRISTIANITY'S BEST LINK TO ITS HISTORY. An exile from Ethiopia is now living in the United States and has helped to catalog 7,500 Ethiopian manuscripts on microfilm. Indeed, God has preserved the truth of Mother and Her rest day, the Sabbath.

SHEKINAH staff members are preparing to go to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, for the two week World Council of Churches Assembly, which is held once every decade. We received our press credentials from Switzerland last week. The WCC, although politically very controversial, has opened up the door to women in the ministry. This Assembly will be the first one where women are in full recognition–30% of the delegates will come from over 100 countries.

WFAA–Cbannel 8 of Dallas has tentative plans for coming to New Mt. Carmel Center and doing a special about our work. While in San Antonio contacts were made which will eventually develop into additional television and magazine publicity for our Heavenly Mother. Upon our return from Canada, the local paper is going to have a story about SHEKINAH magazine. Arrangements have been made for Sister Roden to be interviewed August 25 on WBFM radio, New Bedford, Massachusetts. (If you can make arrangements for a telephone interview on your local talk show, please let us know.)

Conventions coming up are WOC (Women's Ordination Conference) in Cleveland in October, another women's conference in Chicago in November, and NOW (National Organization of Women) in Washington, D.C. in September-0ctober.

If you did not receive your copy of the new January–June SHEKINAH, please let us know. Sometimes mail is slow, especially with bulk rate material–but it is much cheaper!

"Merkabah" Part 2 has gone to the printers, and No. 3 is being written.

How are the campmeetings in your area? If you want literature, please let us know right away. If you do not know the dates, we have a full schedule of camp meetings for the United States and Canada. Thank. you!

The publishing company who does SHEKINAH can print, put together, and staple 20,000 in four hours! We are facing such a growth in our work that we see a necessity of publishing faster than ever before. We are obtaining the names of all religious newswriters in the United States. At the women's political caucus we got a directory of many political women. Our work is continually accelerating. 1984 is just ahead of us–seven years since the message of Mother started. Our Heavenly Mother indicates that it is a year of very great importance.

Early in June we attended the American Booksellers Convention. Several prominent people–each having written a book which was being publicized–were there and we talked with some of them. Robert Short is famous for his book, "The Gospel According to Peanuts," and this year "The Gospel from Outer Space." He said he had heard a little about the feminine aspect of the Trinity. We encouraged him to write another book about the feminine side of the Gospel. Sammy Cahn, the famous songwriter, listened while Sister Roden encouraged him to write a song about Mother. Several famous cartoonists took the literature as we suggested ideas to them, among whom was the well-known creator of a strip called "Cathy." Wayland Flowers, famous ventriloquist, seemed to be acquainted with Mother and gave us his personal address to receive SHEKINAH. Several publishing houses were contacted to interest them in publishing Sister Roden's booklets as one and some were interested. There are a number of good books available regarding the feminine aspect of God and women's ministry. We will be sending a list soon.

May each of us continue to be faithful, for the seeds of truth we have sown are to bring forth a reaping in joy (Ps. 125:5).

Your servants in The Correspondence Dept.


August 1983

The World Council of Churches (WCC) held their Sixth Assembly in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, July 24 through August 10, 1983. Attending the Assembly was 842 official delegates representing 300 Denominations totaling 400,000,000 members--from 100 countries. A broad spectrum of religious organizations from the American Baptists to the Russian Orthodox mingled for 18 days of serious theological debates, pageantry, religious worship, and personal communication, while over 800 members of the media-radio, television, wire services, newspapers, magazines--listened, watched, televised, wrote, and broadcast the religious, social, and political deliberations of this most prominent world body.

Perry Jones attended the Assembly for SHEKINAH for the entire 18 days. He gathered numerous articles for SHEKINAH, which is being readied for publication. One of the eight major issues before the Assembly was "Participation in the Community of Women, Youth, and the Disabled." The most prominent of the three, of course, was women's participation. Numerous seminars were held exploring women's role in the ordained ministry. One very interesting seminar was entitled "Female Voices in the Church--'Is God Male?" A radio station in Australia taped this seminar and they have promised to send us a copy. Speaking of Australia, a reporter from a religious magazine was asking questions about the Feast of Tabernacles at the International Christian Embassy booth. Those at the booth could not answer the questions. At the right time Brother Jones appeared on the scene and explained to the reporter the importance of the Feast of Tabernacles, which seemed to impress the reporter enough to take it all down for publication. Those in Australia be on the look-out for this.

The Motherhood of the Trinity was not an issue, but it was a very strong undercurrent through the entire assembly because of the large number of women delegates who appear to know about our Heavenly Mother and referred to Her as She from time to time in various seminars.

Daily press conferences were held which gave each media person opportunity to ask questions. They were fully televised and audio taped and made available to everyone in the media. Brother Jones was televised during four Separate press conferences, and in each one he asked questions not only to obtain answers but to plant seeds of about our Mother in the Trinity. Two of the interviews will appear in the new SHEKINAH. As these questions were asked in the audience of hundreds of media persons-and countless others on the campus-wide closed-circuit television--the awareness of the feminine aspect of the Godhead became more and more evident. At same time over 2,000 SHEKINAH magazines were placed in strategic spots in the press room and message room for the press and official delegates. Every copy was taken! Praise our Heavenly Family!

Scores of prominent religious leaders from around the world were present at the Assembly, which meets only every six or seven years. The colorful array of the Russians, the Syrians, the Ethiopians, the Greeks, and the Egyptians, each in their own style of ecclesiastical garb, was like a story from the National Geographic come to life! Russian, French, German, English, and Spanish were available over headphones during the sessions.

Although militant protestors--Ian Paisley from Ireland, and Carl McIntyre from New Jersey, and numerous others--staged rallies, marched with signs, and passed out leaflets, the admirable purpose of the World Council of Churches to get people of different denominations, and even different faiths-Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, and Moslem--to get them together to talk for peace, as a means of communication arid prevention of war and animosity, gained and maintained the admiration of both onlookers and participants, making the protests hardly noticeable except as blown up in the local press.

God says "Come now, and let us reason together!" The beginning of real doctrinal unity--seeing eye to eye--is the first step of ecumenical unity, or being able to get together and talk regardless of difference of opinion and belief. Only when this is done, whether within Laodicea or without, will true unity come as a result. Without ecumenical unity, there will be no unity in the Spirit. E.G. White, V.T. Houteff, and B.L. Roden all urge getting round the table to talk--which some call ecumenical unity, or unity in desire to talk together instead of fighting each other.

Page 2

The special earmark of the WCC organization is their recognition of women's rights in the community--home, church, business, politics-and it is because of this that various male dominated organizations are so militant against the WCC. Of course, they do not realize what they are doing, but John in Revelation 12 shows, as we have learned these last seven years, that the enemy's ire is against the woman and against any who ally with her, even with the WCC whom most of us have been against because of her various activities. But remember that Jesus' ministry received response from the liberals, the women, the publicans, the immoral, but that he was crucified by the conservatives, the "orthodox," the male dominated groups. Here is a type and antitype to consider.

Brother Jones spoke with many WCC delegates from around the world. The Archbishop of Canterbury told him that he enjoyed SHEKINAH and was sharing it with his friends. The Primate (head) of the Canadian Anglican Church said it was about time that more people were learning about the Holy Spirit Mother. Pauline Webb, head of BBC (British Broadcasting Co.) religious programming, stated, "Let the Spirit take us where She will!" Lois Wilson, one of the seven new presidents of WCC, believes that the revelation of the Holy Spirit as Mother is "one of two great revelations for our time." A lady from India made a most interesting comment when she said, "The English imported an all male God, but now that we know there is both Mother and Father, we have common ground with the Hindus who believe that their god, Shiva, is both male and female, and this should greatly further our work with the Hindu people."

SHEKINAH magazine was very graciously received throughout the Assembly, and we have begun to receive letters from some as a result We obtained the names and addresses of the 842 delegates, as well as the nearly 2,000 accredited visitors and over 800 media persons. Many very favorable contacts were made with those in each of these groups. Our SHEKINAH mailing list is swelling rapidly!

The publication and distribution of SHEKINAH is top priority while it is yet "day," for the war against the woman is just upon us when publication may be completely stopped. This is why means are being funneled into publishing instead of other things at present.

The Seventh-day Adventist campmeeting at Hope, British Columbia, was held at the same time as the WCC. Your SHEKINAH representative attended the campmeeting. 1400 publications were distributed at the gate to the campmeeting site. The outgoing cars had to stop at the stop sign before entering the highway, and this is when they received the literature. The whole camp was stirred with the publications. The following Sabbath at the Vancouver SDA church, several approached the SHEKINAH representative and said they had seen him at the gate, and had read the literature. Some were very favorable. The associate pastor, upon hearing a five minute study, very candidly remarked that "he had better close his mouth and listen" because the Holy Spirit might be Mother! In the afternoon at the church, press and observer representatives from the General Conference to WCC spoke. They were asked if one of the WCC issues was the Holy Spirit as Mother. Even though this was not an issue, it was a very strong undercurrent, and although their answer was no that it was not an issue, the very question on the subject gave it prominence in the meeting. One way or another the truth will come to the front! Praise God!

Running at the same time as the WCC was the International Women's Ministry Association annual convention, which SHEKINAH attended. Several of their officers have been on our mailing list for sometime, and they were happy to meet a representative of SHEKINAH. All received copies. Also in session was an American Theological Students convention which SHEKINAH also attended with copies for everyone. The Vancouver School of Theology was having a summer session, and Dr. Constance Parvey, prominent in the special study for the WCC in the 1970's concerning women's ministry, was having classes. She was contacted, and expressed great delight in the existence of SHEKINAH magazine. Immediately, she began sharing with her students some of our material!

Sister Roden, Sister Matteson, and Vernon Howell attended the annual UNICO-United In Christ Only--meeting in Soaring Hawk, Missouri. An ecumenical meeting of various Sabbathkeeping denominations, this is UNICO's second year. Sister Roden was given the most prominence and she spoke about Mother. The acceptance was excellent, and a meeting was planned for 1984, again with top billing for the subject of Mother.

As the Holy Season of the New Year, Day of Atonement, and Feast of Tabernacles approaches, let us rededicate ourselves anew to the finishing of the work preparatory for the revelation of the wavesheaf. Pray for those going to the International Christian Embassy Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem. May our Heavenly Parents bless you!

Sincerely yours to be full of praise and thanksgiving as we see the fields whitening to the great harvest,

Your Correspondence Dept.


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