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That everyone who thirsteth for the truth may obtain it, these publications are, as a Christian service, provided without charge. They levy but one exaction: the soul's obligation to itself to prove all things and hold fast to that which is good. The only strings attached to this free proffer are the golden strands of Eden and the crimson cords of Calvary - the ties that bind.
Lois I. Roden



"And  there  shall  come  forth  a  rod  out  of  the  stem  of  Jesse,  and  a  Branch  shall  grow  out  of  his  roots."  Isa. 11:1

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February 5, 1980

March 27, 1980

Passover, 1980

June 6, 1980

August 29, 1980

October 8, 1980

October 17, 1980

November 6, 1980

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[Publisher's note: The Branch letters were published and sent to the field between 1976 and 1983. Besides containing additional light on the Present Truth, they also provide a historical overview of some of the things which were transpiring during a most important period in the history of The Branch.]


February 5, 1980

Dear Kingdom-bound Saint:

A new decade has been given to mankind to prepare him for the end of all things, and it is with a growing awareness of our own unworthiness that we realize because of the great light we are privileged to have we are under a solemn obligation and responsibility to accept the preparation being brought to us by the "teacher of righteousness"--the latter rain of truth (Joel 2:23)!

Not wanting to be "the people that hardly stand a chance," those who follow "the Dragon-promoted interpreters of the Scriptures who fall for their vain ideas instead of for Christ's everlasting Truth" (Timely Greetings, Vol.2, Reprint, No. 24, pp. 23, 24), those who are now following the truth in its ever-progressing form as the Mother Spirit leads into ever-higher realms of light, have entered the 1980's with anticipation of great prophetic events; yet we are tempered with a growing realization of own needy condition, which is also a revelation of the Mother Spirit to each seeking soul. Having learned, or perhaps more appropriately stated, having started to learn that we must always be ready to change our minds regarding our conception of the truth, we should begin to understand that as human beings, born in sin, we are like the people in Isaiah's vision: "I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips." (Isa. 6:5). The realization of uncleanliness comes to us as we, like Isaiah, "have seen the King, the Lord of hosts (Mother Spirit of the angelic host)."

Now that the nature of the Holy Spirit has been revealed, the revelation of our Heavenly Mother answers the ponderings of not a few that possibly the Holy Spirit might be the Mother in the Trinity!

DEFINITION--"Holy Spirit: The third person of the Trinity, through Whom the entire Godhead works with man."--King James Version Bible, Regency Publishing House, New York.

The hidden mystery of the PERSONALITY of the Holy Spirit has doubtless been allowed by the Heavenly Trio to accomplish God's purpose. What role have the translators played in this mystery?

An interesting article appeared in the October 5 issue of Christianity Today. Entitled "Does Male Dominance Tarnish Our Translations?," it poses the question, "Should we attempt to 'improve' or 'clear up' what the Holy Spirit chose to do?" Interestingly, the article is co-authored by a husband and wife!

"Many of our current translations (of the Bible) have been the work of committees of biblical scholars, including the King James Version, the Revised Standard Version, the New English Bible, and the New International Version .... We doubt if any of the men on translation committees or who did their own translations are conscious of any male chauvinism. All are honest, godly scholars, dedicated to doing their best work, trying faithfully to bring to today's readers the message of the Bible.

But like all of us, these translators grew up in a society that assumed males should dominate home, church, and society at large. It has been as much a part of our culture (and of most pagan cultures) as the air we breathe. Translators naturally tend to read and interpret the Bible from the framework in which they have lived and thought.

"Meanwhile, Christians now trying to work through the actual teachings of the Bible on the strategically important issue of men-women relationships are thrown off course by translations that may reflect more of the TRANSLATOR'S interpretations and biases than the actual words of the Bible.

"As examples of this situation, we have chosen ...passages to show how the individual views of translators may have influenced the way they translated the Bible ....

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"If we really believe in the absolute authority of the Word of God, we dare not add to or subtract from what the text says. If the text itself is ambiguous--the meaning is not clear or is open to several possible interpretations--conscientious translators must LEAVE the material ambiguous and OPEN to SEVERAL possible interpretations. If they, 'clear up' the difficult section by choosing which interpretation they like best and incorporate that into their translation, are they not claiming for themselves the DIVINE INSPIRATION that belongs ONLY to the Word of God as it was originally 'God-breathed' by the Holy Spirit? If the Holy Spirit inspired words or thoughts that are ambiguous or open to several interpretations, should we attempt to 'improve' or 'clear up' what the Holy Spirit chose to do?

"Translators may surely choose to footnote certain sections and give possible interpretations and even dictate and give possible interpretations and even dictate what their preference is; but their OWN PREFERENCE should NOT influence the text itself ....Let's look at.... verses that may illustrate the problems involved.

"....(Iiteral translation from the Greek), 'Indeed, I want you (plural) to know that the head of every man is the Christ; and the head of every woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.' (1 Cor. 11:3)

"This is a difficult passage; the sense of some of the rest of the chapter depends on what Paul meant here by the word 'head.' We explained that 'head' in the Greek usage ...does NOT mean 'boss' or 'final authority.' In classical Greek 'head' usually meant a person's physical head .... A more common meaning was SOURCE, or origin, as we use in the 'head of the Mississippi River.' This was the meaning it apparently had for Paul in Colossians 1:18: 'He (Christ) is the head of the body, the church, he is the beginning, the first-born from the dead, that in everything he might be pre-eminent '….this meaning of origin or source that Paul used elsewhere made good sense in the phrase 'and the head of every woman is the man' in 1 Corinthians 11:3 because five verses later (1 Cor. 11:8) Paul states, 'man was not made from woman, but woman from man ....

"It is obvious that Christians who are serious about studying the Bible on any subject (the gender of the Holy Spirit!!??) need to be aware of how easy it is for translators to incorporate their own ideas into their translations. This tendency has certainly confused the issues regarding women and we probably will find, as OTHER issues arise, that other confusions exist.

"Certainly we should consider our modern plethora of Bible translations a blessing. Many of them are remarkably easy to read and have a refreshing sense of vitality. But all TRANSLATIONS ARE HUMAN PRODUCTS PRODUCED BY PEOPLE WHO, LIKE ALL OF US, HAVE UNCONSCIOUS SETS OF BLINDERS. Like all of us, translators work from their OWN OUTLOOKS, THEIR OWN PREJUDICES. We have all been bent and influenced by the many forces of the society in which we live and by the traditions of the churches of which we are a part. This is true of every translator, every commentator, every preacher, every lay reader and every student of the Bible. Usually we are not even vaguely aware of our blind spots---and we all have many.

"But only the original words of the Holy Scripture can claim unique inspiration. This is why many scholars spend their lives poring over old manuscripts, comparing one with another in the effort to come as close as possible to what was the original text of the writings...We all agree that a good translation cannot be word for word. There must be an easy flow of language not possible in word-for-word translations. But a good translator tries to see what the original writer was saying and then express that as accurately as possible in the idiomatic language of the reader .... at this point ....the translator's preconceived ideas sometimes get in the way.

"What can the Bible student who does not know Greek or Hebrew do to be sure he is not getting a translator's additions or omissions rather than the Holy Spirit's message? The answers are not easy, but there are some precautions the reader can take. (1) Beware of the possibility of the translation's unconscious biases in the words chosen. (2) If an idea appears in a one-man translation (especially paraphrases such as Living Letters, Good News for Modern Man, or Phillips's Modern English) that does not appear in most committee translations (KJV, RSV, NEW, NIV) it is a tip that the idea may represent the interpretation of the translator. This is one reason we should read more than one translation, especially if we are trying to study any subject in depth. IN SHORT, THE BIBLE IS UNIQUELY INSPIRED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT---BUT THE TRANSLATORS ARE NOT. LET THE READER BEWARE!" Read Amos 3:7.

The time is fast approaching when another issue will break upon the world---that of the gender of the Holy Spirit! Actually, it has already! Evidence is pouring in that the Holy Spirit is Mother!

Sincerely yours in the name of The Branch, "of whom the WHOLE FAMILY in heaven and earth is named" (Eph. 3:15),

(Mrs.) Lois I. Roden


March 27, 1980


New Testament – Messengers of The


A portrait of the Old Testament, Messengers of the Covenant, has been presented. But most importantly, the New Testament era is replete with Messengers of the NEW Covenant--Mary, John the Baptist, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Apostles, Luther, and the reformers, William Miller, E.G. White, Jones and Waggoner, and OTHERS, V.T. Houteff, Ben L Roden, Lois I. Roden, etc.-all teaching the glorious Truths of the Heavenly Sanctuary as it concerns those living "upon whom the ENDS of the world are come." 1 Cor. 10:11.

In 1844 a woman, Ellen G. White, came with a prophetic message of the Third Angel about the Intercession of Christ, the Second Angel, in the Heavenly Sanctuary beginning for the dead---"a coming" of the Messiah, to the Investigative Judgment in the Books of Heaven.

"Daniel 7:13,14. The coming of Christ here described is NOT His second coming to the earth. He comes to the Ancient of Days IN HEAVEN to receive dominion and glory and a kingdom, which will be given Him at the close of His work as a mediator. IT IS THIS COMING, and NOT His SECOND ADVENT to the earth, that was FORETOLD IN PROFHECY to take place at the termination of the 2300 days in 1844. Attended by heavenly angels, our great HIGH PRIEST ENTERS THE HOLY OF HOLIES and there APPEARS in the PRESENCE OF GOD to engage in the LAST ACTS of His MINISTRATION in behalf of man---to perform the work of INVESTIGATIVE JUDGMENT and to make an ATONEMENT for all who are shown to be entitled to its benefits." The Great Controversy, p. 480.

To most theologians, then, this meant His SECOND COMING to earth but the prophecy said---for the cleansing of the Sanctuary at the end of the 2300 days (years) (Dan. 8:14). So we understand the Third Angel (The Holy Spirit) sent a message by a prophet, Ellen G. White, Her representative, to tell them about what Christ, the Second Angel, was doing in the Heavenly Sanctuary for the dead. The Judgment of the Dead being a TYPE of the Judgment for the Living, we are to understand that a revelation of the TIME for it to start would also have to be made known to the remnant church in "another" angel's message, the FINAL phase of the THIRD, in the judgment FOR THE LIVING!

The ANNOUNCEMENT of just such a message came in 1930 by the messenger, V.T. Houteff, who said his message was the FINAL phase of the FIRST ANGEL'S MESSAGE to the Living (the initial phase being brought by William Miller in 1844 for the Judgment message for the dead), claiming that his message was like John the Baptist who announced the FIRST coming of CHRIST and of the HOLY SPIRIT.

"When finally the judgment passes from the dead to the living, thus outmoding by expiration the initial phase of the First Angel's Message (the judgment of the dead), what timely Truth will the church then have for herself and for the world? What, indeed, if she does not now accept and practice the message of very present Truth, THE FINAL PHASE OF THE FIRST ANGEL'S MESSAGE, which is PRESENTLY ANNOUNCING the stealthy APPROACH of JUDGMENT upon the LIVING, and which is knocking at each heart's door?"---The White House Recruiter, p. 37.

John's work an ensample of our work---John's work the type, ours the antitype."-Timely Greetings, Vol. 1, Rev. No. 36, p. 4.

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"Who is to bring 'this revival and reformation, this great change?---The BRANCH. And according to Isaiah 11:1 to 5, the Branch is the Lord, the Son of David."--Timely Greetings, Vol. 1, Rev. No. 8, P. 24.

"Briefly summarized, the term MESSENGER OF THE COVENANT means the Holy Spirit (the invisible Christ) in Heaven's visible representative---be it Moses, John, Christ, Elijah, or SOME OTHER."-Answerer Book No. 1, p. 79.

V.T. Houteff said Christ Himself became a TYPE. "...Iogic demands that as Syria, Judah, Israel and Assyria are types, so also IMMANUEL must be."--Tract No. 14, p. 34. Therefore, His (Christ's) message (starting the Harvest--seven years in the type) was a TYPE of "another" Harvest MESSAGE to come in the END of the world. This message comes to explain the FINAL intercession of Christ and the HOLY SPIRIT under a NEW NAME.

"And the Gentiles shall see thy righteousness, and all kings thy glory: and thou shalt be called by a new name, which the mouth of the Lord shall name." Isa. 62:2.

"Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the NAME OF MY GOD, and the NAME OF THE CITY OF MY GOD, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him MY NEW NAME….He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone A NEW NAME WRITTEN, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it." Rev. 3:12; 2:17;

"And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a BRANCH shall grow out of his roots" Isa. 11:1.

"Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, that I will raise unto David a righteous BRANCH, and a King shall reign and prosper, and shall execute judgment and justice in the earth. In his days Judah shall be saved, and Israel shall dwell safely: and this is his NAME whereby he shall be called, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS." Jer. 23:5,6.

"In those days, and at that time, will I cause the Branch of righteousness to grow up unto David; and he shall execute judgment and righteousness in the land. In those days shall Judah be saved, and Jerusalem shall dwell safely: and this is the NAME wherewith SHE shall be called, The Lord our righteousness." Jer. 33:15,16.

Thus, the TYPE, "and His name shall be called JESUS" (Matt. 1:23), points forward to an ANTITYPE of Christ's message, under a NEW NAME for the overcomers (Rev. 3:12) in the time of the purification of the remnant church, on earth, which is to be translated to Heaven without seeing death. See above, Isaiah 11:1 about a future prophecy of Jesus, coming in "ANOTHER" name, The BRANCH.

"Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other NAME (a NEW NAME) under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved." Acts 4:12.

Therefore, such a message did come in 1955 by Ben L. Roden, (the Second Angel's Messenger), bearing the "new name" (Rev. 3:12) of Jesus the "Branch," showing a PROPHETIC DATE for the Judgment of the LIVING, or of what Jesus (the Second Angel) was doing in the Heavenly Sanctuary for the Living in the Church NOW! He reveaIed that according to E.G. White's statement in Great Controversy, p. 415, that Christ as our INTERCESSOR was SOMETIME TO BE REVEALED in that beautiful prophecy of Him whose name is THE BRANCH---'a NEW name" (Isa. 62:2) for the overcomers in the remnant church (Rev. 3:12; 2:17); also, HE revealed that according to E.G. White's statement in Early Writings, p. 15, the 144,000 were to have THREE SEALS, THREE TRUTHS, a three-fold NAME in their foreheads.

"The 144,000 were all sealed and perfectly united. On their foreheads was written, God, New Jerusalem, and a glorious star containing JESUS' NEW NAME." – Early Writings, p. 15.

Notice, the THIRD seal is of Jesus' NEW NAME. Ellen G. White gives the key as to what this new name is during the judgment OF THE LIVING in Great Controversy, p. 415. "The work of Christ as man's INTERCESSOR is presented in that beautiful prophecy of Zechariah concerning HIM 'WHOSE NAME IS THE BRANCH.' "

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"Zechariah's vision of JOSHUA and the ANGEL applies with peculiar force to the experience of God's people in the CLOSING UP OF THE GREAT DAY OF ATONEMENT.." – Testimonies, vol. 5, p. 472.

Ben L Roden, the messenger of the Second Angel (Christ the Branch), made it clear that the prophecy of Isaiah 62:2 pointed forward to a time when the church was to receive A NEW NAME as E.G. White plainly declared that Jesus, "as our intercessor," is revealed as "Him whose name is the Branch." His "intercession" is during the investigative judgment for the dead ...then for the LIVING!

Therefore, since the church is to receive A NEW NAME which must be revealed by Inspiration, by PROPHECY, as was the name of the Apostolic Church (the NEW NAME, then, was JESUS); so it is now, the church shall take the title of His NEW NAME, THE BRANCH, during the investigative judgment for the living!

The "NEW" name, JESUS, was introduced at the BEGINNING of the Harvest in the TYPE to the Jewish nation, A.D. 27. However, it was DURING the seven years between A.D. 27 and A.D. 34, on the Day of Pentecost, A.D. 31, that the church as a body received HIS NEW NAME

So it is now in the ANTITYPE, His NEW NAME was introduced at the beginning of the Harvest (judgment for the living) in the END of the world, 1955. But, sometime DURING the Harvest, judgment, the church will receive the new name BRANCH as a body.

"Israel is spelled with six letters. Had this name been more or less it would spoil the picture. Why? Because the six letters indicate the sixth section. Israel the true (the 144,000) are sealed at the close of the fifth section. Had the name been of seven letters, it would denote 'close of probation,' instead of 'BEGINNING OF HARVEST.' Israel, IN THE TIME OF HARVEST, will receive a NEW NAME by the mouth of the Lord. Read a. 62:2."--The Shepherd's Rod, Vol. 1, p.233.

Likewise, Ben L Roden made an application of the prophecies of Jeremiah 23:5,6 and 33:15,16 to show that there was to be a prophetic message of a Branch HE, the Lord our Righteousness, and a Branch SHE, the Lord our Righteousness; his prophetic message bearing the masculine title (Branch) and the feminine title applied to the CHURCH, which is symbolized as a woman.

'How long wilt thou go about, O thou backsliding daughter? for the Lord hath created a new thing (a new message) in the earth. A WOMAN shall compass a man (before the spiritual birth).' Jer. 31:22."--Seven Letters to the Executive Council, pp. 17,18.

'If, as Branches, we bring forth the fruits of righteousness in this harvest (judgment) time for the living in the church (8T. 247:2), Jesus will purge us and we will bring forth more fruit, the great multitude, in the time of the wheat harvest of the Loud Cry when the Branch (church), SHE, is called 'The Lord our righteousness.' Read Jer. 33:15,16. At that time antitypical David will reign."--The Man on the White Horse, pp. 51,52.

It was not until 1977 that the believers in the Branch movement began to realize that Jeremiah 33:15,16 was to bring forth a movement "within a movement," of ANOTHER Branch, SHE, the Lord our Righteousness. A PROPHETIC MESSAGE about the "new name" (Branch) of the THIRD Person of the Godhead, THE HOLY SPIRIT, was revealed then.

This conviction grew as Mrs. Ben L Roden, the wife of Ben L Roden, presented what she termed the FINAL phase of the Third Angel's Message in a revelation of the PERSONALITY, GENDER, and INTERCESSION of "the Holy Spirit (Rom. 8:26; Heb. 9:14) in the judgment scene for the Living.

The prophetic message of The Branch (1955) announced the coming of The Branch, SHE, the Lord our Righteousness (Jer. 33:15,16), even as CHRIST in the TYPE announced the coming of the Holy Spirit, the COMFORTER, on the day of Pentecost. "And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you ANOTHER Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever .... But the COMFORTER, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send IN MY NAME, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you." John 14:16,26. "ANOTHER COMFORTER" in HIS "NAME."

The first revelation of the WOMAN of Revelation 12 came September 27, 1973…… but 1977 was the date pointed out in prophecy as the beginning of the time when the Holy Spirit as our INTERCESSOR was

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presented in the beautiful prophecy of the WOMAN WHOSE NAME is the BRANCH (Jer. 33:15,16). This prophecy by the THIRD ANGEL revealed what the HOLY SPIRIT is doing in the judicial work for the Living who shall be translated without death. "Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed." 1 Cor. 15:51. "Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord." 1 Thess. 4:17.

"The 144,000 were all SEALED and PERFECTLY UNITED. On their foreheads was written, GOD, NEW JERUSALEM, and a glorious star containing JESUS' NEW NAME."--Early Writings, p. 15.

E.G. White showed the order in which the 144,000 receive the revelation of the THREE PERSONS OF THE GODHEAD. (1) GOD, (2) New Jerusalem, (3) Jesus' NEW NAME, or three sealing Truths about the three Persons of the Trinity. It is quite evident that Sister White revealed the first one--the name of God, the Father, as disclosed in the fourth commandment--the CREATOR in the seventh-day Sabbath. Therefore, TWO MORE PROPHETIC MESSAGES (angels) should reveal the truths of the name of the New Jerusalem (church-woman) and Jesus' NEW NAME.


In the order of Revelation to Mankind, GOD, the Father, was revealed FIRST by Moses (First Angel); GOD, the Son, SECOND, by Himself on the cross, (Second Angel); and GOD, The HOLY SPIRIT, THIRD... bv a symbol of "fire"--not in, or by a person, on the day of Pentecost (Third Angel). But in the recreation, "restitution," of all things (Acts 15:16), the revelation of the three members of the Godhead to the living (as in Eden) IS IN THE ORDER OF THE CREATION STORY OF LIVING IMAGES OF GOD: The Father FIRST, Adam, (First Angel); God, The Holy Spirit, Mother, SECOND, Eve. (Second Angel); and God, the Son, THIRD, (seed of the woman, Gen. 3:15) (Third Angel). The purpose of the Bible is to REVEAL THE GODHEAD to humanity. Thus, the messages of these THREE HEAVENLY BEINGS--three Angels, have been repeated "FROM THE BEGINNING" to RESTORE the lost IMAGE of God in Man (male and female).

God has used different families on earth, made in the image of God (male and female). The first family, Adam and Eve, were created perfect and were commanded to reproduce God's image (and theirs) in the earth by producing righteous children. After sin, other families were used to represent the Trinity in the earth, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, then Mary, who brought forth Jesus, the express image of His Father's PERSON.

Notice, in the creation story, the father (Adam) and the mother (Eve) were visible and the son (third angel) was invisible, "hidden" in the prophecy of Genesis 3:15.

In the order that the Trinity was revealed to the world under Moses (The Father), Christ (The Son of God on the cross) and the Holy Spirit, the Former Rain (on THE DAY OF PENTECOST, A.D. 31), the PERSONS of the representatives of God the Father (Moses) and Jesus (Himself) were VISIBLE. But the PERSON of the Holy Spirit was "hidden" in the "tongues of fire"--a symbol of the FUTURE revelation of the Holy Spirit in the LATTER RAIN by a PERSONAL (feminine) representative, A WOMAN, explaining the work and GENDER of the HOLY SPIRIT, a real PERSON, ONE "like" Jesus, an INTERCESSOR.

In this order of revelation (Creation Story), the Holy Spirit is depicted as the SECOND angel--Eve (feminine), while in the first order of revelation to the WORLD, Christ is depicted as the SECOND Angel (masculine). Therefore, the PERSONAL MESSENGER of the Holy Spirit, THE THIRD ANGEL (in the order of the revelation of the Godhead to the world) IS NOW (in the order of the Creation Story of the Godhead, Romans 1:20), SHOWING WHAT THE HOLY SPIRIT, the SECOND Angel (feminine) is doing in the Sanctuary above during the Judgment of the Living. So, we see that both Christ and the Holy Spirit are called the "SECOND ANGEL."

Consequently, both can be said to represent The Mighty Angel of Revelation 18:1, depending on the order of the revelation to be shown; that is, in the ORDER of CREATION, or in the order of the prophetic revelation of the Godhead to the WORLD--under Moses, Christ, and the SYMBOL of the Holy Spirit--Third PERSON (fire) on the day of Pentecost. THUS THE THIRD ANGEL'S (HOLY SPIRIT'S) Messenger IS NOW revealing what the SECOND Angel, The Holy Spirit, is doing in the Sanctuary above. "Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed" to IMMORTALITY!, (1 Cor. 15:51)

Since Jesus said His Father would send "ANOTHER" Comforter in His name, we can understand that BOTH

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Christ and the Holy Spirit have the SAME NAME, interchangeable TITLES. For instance: Lord of Hosts, Intercessor, Advocate, BRANCH of Righteousness, Teacher of Righteousness, High Priest, Dove, Comforter, Melchisedek, True Witness, Paraclete, Messenger of the Covenant, SECOND ANGEL etc.

Besides Mary, Mrs. E.G. White, messenger of the Third Angel (Holy Spirit), was the only woman with a judgment message in the New Testament era to be chosen as the PERSONAL representative of the Holy Spirit on earth. But, as she is not living there must be a REPETITION OF THE THIRD ANGEL'S MESSAGE (Early Writings, p. 259) to the LIVING who shall never die. A LIVING REPRESENTATIVE of the THIRD Angel, the Holy Spirit (The Heavenly Person) has come--A woman on earth, an IMAGE of the Holy Spirit--of the SAME GENDER, even as Eve, Hagar, Sarah, Mary, and Ellen G. White were.

"Since the prophecy of Isaiah 6 was present truth in Mrs. White's day, and the Third Angel's message has not been given to the world in a loud cry, also as Isaiah waxed 'bolder and still bolder in his predictions of the future triumph of the church,' P.K. 310, we can only conclude that this prophecy of Isa. 6 is PRESENT TRUTH TODAY and is the message of the THIRD ANGEL that will fill the earth with God's glory (by the angel Rev. 14:17, 18;18:1.-4."--Heaven's Flying Saucer, God's Traveling Throne.

" 'In those days, and at that time, will I cause the BRANCH OF RIGHTEOUSNESS to grow up unto David; and he shall execute judgment and righteousness in the land: in those days shall Judah be saved, and Jerusalem shall dwell safely: and this is the name wherewith SHE shall be called, The Lord our righteousness.' Jer. 33:15,16.

"Judah is to be saved in the day that David executes judgment and righteousness in the land. In that day SHE shall be called the Lord our Righteousness, when God takes away HER sins in the day of judgement. 'And the Gentiles shall see thy righteousness, and all kings thy glory: and thou shalt be called by a new name, which the mouth of the Lord shall name.' Isa. 62:2."--Ibid., p.11.

Mrs. White revealed that there are THREE LIVING PERSONS OF THE GODHEAD, but she was not given light on the GENDER of the THIRD PERSON of the Heavenly Trio. The gender of the Father and Son are clearly taught in symbols throughout the Bible, but the nature of the Holy Spirit has been obscure and the GENDER not pronounced--not definite, "he" and "it" being used alternately as pronouns; wind, fire, water, breath, etc., are used as impersonal terms.

Persons have gender (male and female); therefore, the Bible gives the key to the gender of the Holy Spirit in Romans 1:20. "For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse." This Scripture says: "the invisible ...Godhead" is "clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made" "from the Creation"….. So, the Creation Story tells us that a man and woman were made in the image of two members of the Godhead (Gen. 1:26,27) ("Let US make"); and that we are without excuse if we do not know there is male and female represented in the Godhead (The Trinity). It is the Person of the Holy Spirit, (Whose IMAGE was Eve,) Whose "...glory of the uncorruptible God (the Holy Spirit)" was corrupted and CHANGED "into an IMAGE made LIKE TO CORRUPTIBLE MAN" (Rom. 1:23). "And even as they did not LIKE to RETAIN GOD in their knowledge, God gave them over to a REPROBATE MIND (saying that all three members of the Godhead are masculine) to do those things which are not convenient." Rom. 1:28.

Therefore, God's admonition to all who are guilty of this corrupt practice of changing the Image of the Holy Spirit to that of corruptible man is: "REPENT YE THEREFORE, and be converted, that yours sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord." Acts 3:19. "And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption." Eph. 4:30.

In HER name Who is The Branch (Jer. 33:15,16),

Lois I. Roden

March 27, 1980

Passover, 1980

Dear Kingdom-bound Saints:

During the Passover season we once again, but with greater understanding, contemplated the events of that all-important week of A.D. 31, and how what transpired then foreshadowed that which is to take place in our day, VERY SOON, as the wave-sheaf, with miracle-working power in greater measure than before, will come forth to gather, at long last, the 144,000! Yes, the "desire of ages" is just upon us when the restoration of men, women, and children to the original Edenic perfection will testify to the church and the world that the Holy Spirit Mother is once again dwelling in the tabernacle of the human temple just as She did in the Garden of Eden!

We are pleased to share with you some of the precious gems of truth which have been coming forth in our daily worship studies recently!

The one who was the object of Satan's attack in the Garden of Eden shows simply Who it was in Heaven Who was the real object of Satan's jealousy and warfare. The one made in the image, not of God, the Father, but of God, the Mother, the Holy Spirit, was the woman on earth, Eve, the Mother of all living. She was the object of Satan's attack, just as it had been the Heavenly Mother, BEFORE CREATION, Who had been the object of Satan's ire. Since Eden, Satan has continually bruised the heel of the woman (Gen. 3:15), which climaxes in the final war which Satan makes against the woman as shown to John the Revelator: "And the dragon (Satan) was wroth WITH THE WOMAN, and went to make WAR with the remnant of HER seed" (Rev. 12:17).

God, the Father, and God, the Mother communed face to face with Their images, Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden at the appointed times (Gen. 3:8,9); but after sin entered the office of the Spirit of Prophecy was established whereby the Holy Spirit Mother spoke to men through the appointed prophets, an INDIRECT communication since it came through a "medium" or third party, to mankind. Thereafter, the Heavenly Mother, the Wo-man, communicated the will of the Heavenly Family through the Spirit of Prophecy, Who went with God's people wherever they went, whether in the land of promise or in captivity, or, as in the Christian era, in the wilderness (Rev. 12:6), the lands of the Gentiles. Therefore, the "Living Church," the "One True Church In All Ages," had HER beginning in HEAVEN. "And there appeared a great wonder in HEAVEN; a WOMAN..." Rev.12:3. She descended to earth, at the creation, and extended membership to Her first two members, Adam and Eve--two priests, two wave-sheaves, or first of the first fruits of the living and, through the voice of the prophets, has been communing with us ever since. We see the WOMAN to be the Heavenly Mother, the Holy Spirit, speaking through the human medium to mankind.

The subject becomes very clear in its simplicity! Since the Scriptures reveal the "WOMAN" She cannot be made into the image of a man, no matter how hard some may attempt to tamper with the Word. Even though She has spoken through both men and women, SHE retains HER femininity and is our HEAVENLY MOTHER, of Whom Eve and all women are images! "But the 'woman clothed with the sun' and her 'eagles wings' being of HEAVENLY ORIGIN (our Heavenly Mother), denote God's true church (TRUTH)…."--(2SR p.76), in ONE continuous line.

When the earth was new, Eve, being made in the image of the Holy Spirit, the Heavenly Woman (Church), she (Eve) became the representative on earth of the Heavenly Church. Eve's femininity was TRUTH embodied in her flesh, even the truth of the feminine Member of the Godhead, our Mother, Who was (and is) a symbol of the church in Heaven. In other words, Eve's very existence as a woman was a physical testimony as to the GENDER of ONE MEMBER of the Godhead. The fact that Satan chose to beguile the WOMAN, Eve, coupled with John's prophecy that in the latter days "the dragon was wroth with the WOMAN," (Rev. 12:17), the latter-day Eve, a representative of the Holy Spirit Mother, reveals that Satan's jealousy and ire as manifested FIRST toward Eve, and NOW against her ANTITYPE, was originally directed against God, the Mother in Heaven.

"The living church represented also by the woman of Revelation 12, was in existence (on earth) from Eden and will continue to the time the Holy City receives the saints." Code 12:5:13. Adam and Eve communed face to face with their Heavenly Father and Mother and understood their identity. In their physical creation Adam and Eve were the embodiment of the truth that there was a Heavenly Father and a Heavenly Mother in whose image (Gen. 1:26) they had been created. The truth of Eve's creation which witnessed to the existence of a Heavenly Mother, was gradually lost sight of after the fall; until today, orthodox Christians consider such an idea pure blasphemy. However, it is now perfectly clear that the woman of Revelation 12 is a LITERAL woman whose physical being testifies that her creation proclaims the existence of a Heavenly Mother. It is against this TRUTH and the woman who reveals It that Satan directs his warfare. Therefore, we see that the Spirit of Prophecy, symbolized as a woman in Revelation 12 is the mouthpiece of the Father (1Peter 1:21) in the Old Testament and of the Son (John 15:13) in the New Testament. The "testimony of Jesus" is the Spirit of Prophecy, the Mother of us all, and through Whom we receive our spiritual birth.

We see that the final warfare, the greatest in human history, is directed against the SPIRIT, the WOMAN, and against Her visible representative on earth. The Holy Spirit has through the ages been speaking for the Father and the Son to the human race! Satan, of course, knows about the Family of God, having been with Them in Heaven. He pursues the same course, so he continues to attack the WOMAN; for he knows the truth of the Godhead! When one thinks about the history of the sad degradation of women in both the Jewish and Christian eras and Satan's attack on Eve and the woman of Revelation 12, representatives of the HEAVENLY WOMAN, we begin to understand God's plan to restore the original dignity of women.

Being the first ones of the human family to commune (worship) with God in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve became the first of the first fruits, WAVE-SHEAF, the very first of the human family to appear before God in perfection. Satan knew that if he could beguile Eve into sinning that she would not be the wave-sheaf that would bring forth a harvest of everliving fruits (children) to Adam. Before the first or second fruits of perfect beings could come into existence, Adam and Eve sinned; but through the Heavenly Family's plan of salvation, they came before the Lord covered with animal skins, the FIRST OF THE FIRST FRUITS, the WAVE-SHEAF of a long line of SINFUL human beings (first and second fruits) who accepted Christ in the animal skin covering (ceremonial law), as God's covering (righteousness). Praise the Lords of Heaven that Satan's evil plan to destroy God's creation was thwarted!

Adam, whose death is recorded in the Bible, became a wave-sheaf, a TYPE of those (dead) who would be RESURRECTED as the wave-sheaf in Jesus' day, including Jesus, the SECOND Adam. Eve, whose death is not recorded, became a wave-sheaf, a TYPE of those in our day who are resurrected from spiritual death, but who never die physically. Eve was, in reality, the first wave-sheaf of the living, the "Mother of all living," (Gen. 3:20) of those who never die, i.e. Enoch, Elijah, and the wave-sheaf today, who never die.

Thus we see that Adam typified the SECOND Adam, Christ, Who was the first of the first fruits of the dead, and a prototype of the second antitypical (human) Adam, the MAN whose NAME is The Branch, Christ's representative on earth in the time of the harvest to the living. Eve typifies the second Eve (see Flood Chart; Code 11:6:11 Branch Letter, July 1978), The Mother of the wave-sheaf who never die--Truly, the Mother of all living l

The type shows TWO PARTS of the wave-sheaf of today. First, Adam is a type of those who die and are resurrected, nevermore to die, and second, Eve is a type of those ever-living. Jesus' Heavenly Mother, the Heavenly Priest of the Most High, Melchisedec, appeared before the Father as the EVER-LIVING wave-sheaf, in Whose image Eve was created (a feminine wave-sheaf on earth). As the High Priest She waved Her Son, Jesus (the wave-sheaf of the dead) with His trophies of victory over the grave, the resurrected multitude after they ascended to heaven (Desire of Ages, p. 786).

The wave-sheaf in Jesus' day was a "multitude" (Ibid., Tract 9, p. 72), whereas the first fruits on the day of Pentecost were only 120. The 120, hardly being a multitude, one may quickly see from the TYPE that the wave-sheaf in our day may be much more than 144,000, the antitypical 120. The wave-sheaf who were raised with Jesus represented the martyrs of ALL AGES (Desire of Ages, p. 786; Story of Redemption, p. 233), both Israelite and non-Israelite; subsequently, in the antitype the wave-sheaf would not come from only those who have died in the Branch, Davidian, and Seventh-day Adventist movements (who have died under the Third Angel, E.W. p. 285), but also those living who shall never die and be translated with the resurrected ones.

May our Merciful Heavenly Father, Mother, and Son be with you as you contemplate these glorious truths. They are flooding the dry, parched earth (U.S.A.)! May They find each one willing to make the dedicated sacrifice necessary to become one of the glorious wave-sheaf whose joys and privileges are beyond human expression!

Sincerely yours to be a Living Wave-sheaf,

(Mrs.) Benjamin L. Roden


June 6, 1980

Dear Saints:

I thank you for your long-suffering and patience with us in your anticipation of the long-overdue monthly report and tithe receipts.

To say that we have been busy in the Lord's work is an understatement: we have been more than busy. In fact, we have been to Washington. D.C. twice, and Jerusalem, Israel, twice, since our last contact with you!

We are praising our Heavenly Father and Mother and Elder Brother for Their watchcare over us as we have traveled near and far for Their glory!

On March 31 Sister Roden prepared for Passover at Headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist church in Takoma Park, Washington, D.C.. She requested that the General Conference brethren permit her to wash their feet at the Passover, citing the Biblical example of Mary washing the feet of Jesus (Matt. 26:6-13). "There is no example given in the Word for brethren to wash sisters' feet; but there is an example for sisters to wash the feet of brethren. "Early Writings, p. 117. The brethren were too busy to accept her invitation, at that time, at least, but we are praying for their eventual recognition of the glorious truth about the two Branches!

Under the providential guidance of the Heavenly Family, Sister Roden arrived in Jerusalem on Friday, April 4. She desired to share with one of Israel's leading Rabbis the electrifying news of the return of the Holy Shekhinah "as a travailing woman" to Jerusalem (Isa. 42:14) to herald the coming of the Messiah, whose name is The Branch. Having been away from Jerusalem for 17 years, she found the city greatly changed, arid it was with difficulty that she tried to find the Great Synagogue on the Sabbath. Although she did not find the Synagogue of Orthodox Judaism, she found herself by the Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, which she attended. A young Jewish girl from America was reading the Torah at her Bas Mitzvah, the ceremony of Conservative Judaism for a girl reaching the age of 12. Sister Roden joined the worshippers in the after services conducted by the head Rabbi of the world council of Conservative Judaism, after which she gathered courage to request a few minutes to speak with the Rabbi, at which time she asked for a later appointment to speak with him about the Heavenly Mother. The Rabbi confirmed the femininity of the Shekhinah or Holy Spirit in the Old Testament! He seemed inspired by the things she shared with him regarding Psalms 110:4, Zech. 6:12,13, Jer. 23:5,6; 33:15,16, and Gen. 1. A more detailed account of the visit will be published soon.

After Sister Roden's visit with the Rabbi, she went to the Mt. of Olives on Sunday to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, where she erected an altar of 12 stones, and facing the city of Jerusalem, offered bread and wine, symbolizing the ancient blessing of Melchisedec to Abraham and his seed and now to those in possession of the land. During the wave-sheaf offering, two turtledoves flew overhead.

Before returning to America to attend the World Session of Seventh-day Adventists at General Conference in nearby Dallas, Sister Roden left a note to one of Israel's leading Rabbis announcing the coming of The Branch of Jer. 33:15,16 and Zech. 6:12,13, who should build the Temple of the Lord in Jerusalem. He is the same Rabbi whom Brother Roden and George visited at his home when they were in Israel, Passover 1977; the Rabbi is familiar with the Roden name!

The Quintennial World Session of the Seventh-day Adventists held in Dallas from April 17 through April 26 hosted representatives from 190 nations with approximately 25,000 people at Sabbath services !

We were very pleased to have some of the Branch believers from England, Australia, and Canada, as well as from Massachusetts, come to Texas to help us with the literature evangelism outreach at the World Session. Tens of thousands of leaflets were distributed by Branches to representatives from all over the world! At the motel where we were staying, we had opportunity to study with an entire delegation from an African country. They were thrilled with the truth of the Holy Spirit, our Mother.

On the first Sabbath of the Session, the Branch brethren put on "sandwich type" signs, asking for the ordination of women to the ministry and paraded in front of the doors of the Convention Center distributing handbills (you have been sent a copy). Many of the delegates took pictures of the Branch brethren wearing their signs. Sister Roden and some of the Branch brethren were interviewed by an independent Adventist television team from Canada who were making a documentary of the session! The Dallas Morning News interviewed Sister Roden, and took pictures. The story was published (you have been sent a copy), but pictures were omitted. The Dallas story was picked up by the Religious News Service out of New York City and sent out to their subscribers. We have not seen a copy of the story, so if you have, please send us a copy.

During the session, a story about Sister Roden appeared in the Waco newspaper, a copy of which has been sent to you. The session was an important and exciting time for the Branch work as only time will tell, and soon !

On April 29, Sister Roden and several others from Mt. Carmel Center arrived at Washington, D.C. for a special literature evangelism thrust at the "Jesus for Washington" rally of nearly 200,000 people, which was sponsored by the various television ministries; they are called the "electric (TV) church." Over 20,000 pieces of literature were distributed on the Washington Mall in front of the Capitol Building. We had many interesting experiences! The mood at the rally was ominous, as stated by others attending. The mood was one desiring a union of church and state to save America; many expressed this desire to us.

On April 30 and 31 the Branch group distributed literature to all the United States Senators, Representatives, and their staffs, and climaxed the project by a visit to the Executive Office Bldg. of the White House where literature was left for President and Mrs. Carter.

At the Second Passover, May 1-7, Sister Roden instituted a very meaningful and important service as she washed the feet of the Branch brothers and sisters, first in Washington. D.C., then at Mt. Carmel Center. The emblems of the Lord's body were partaken of twice daily, preceeded by the footwashirig. Sister Roden again asked the General Conference brethren in Washington to allow her to serve the emblems to them during Passover, but they declined.

At the end of the Second Passover, Mt. Carmel brothers and sisters decided to observe another seven days as did Israel in Ezra's day. Just as God's people anciently entered into a voluntary revival and reformation, with the casting away of their idols, so today this voluntary service was instituted to bring about the putting away of idols to effect the consequent fall of Assyria!

On May 11, Sister Roden and George left for Jerusalem, Israel, to confer with leading Rabbis and scholars regarding the coming of the Shekhinah and the Messiah to build the new Temple. George took his drawings of the Temple and they were presented to the Rabbis.

Both of Sister Roden's visits to Jerusalem, one in April, Passover, the other in May, Pentecost, were providentially at the right time. Late last year, three Rabbis all dreamed the same dream, that the Messiah was coming at the end of 120 days. This was reported in the world press. At the end of the 120 days, Sister Roden arrived in Israel to announce the coming of the Messiah (prophet, mouthpiece of Christ, The Branch). When Sister Roden arrived the second time, with George, it was in the second month, the same month in which the ancient Temple construction was started. Only time will show the meaning of these trips!

Before the day of Pentecost, Sister Roden and George went to the Mt. of Olives for private services. When Sister Roden showed George where she had built the altar at the first Passover, George said that it was the place where Brother Roden had built an altar at Passover, 1977! (A more detailed report of the second visit is forthcoming!)

Back in America on May 27th, Sister Roden and the evangelistic team at Mt. Carmel Center, including Brother Whineray and Sister Alloway from Australia who are still with us for awhile, are preparing for the campmeeting season, which this year includes the Baptist National Convention in St. Louis, and the Baptist World Convention in Toronto, Canada, as well as the Democratic and Republic Conventions. All are being warned!

Please keep us in your prayers, as we likewise do for you! Time is short, the harvest is great, and the promises sure! There shall be an abundant harvest!

Sincerely yours to sound the Loud Cry of the Third Angel,

(Mrs.) Lois I. Roden


P.S. Thank you for your great patience in awaiting your tithe receipts. As you have read, I have been doing some very extensive traveling, and more is to come! Your tithe has been received, and the receipts will be sent as soon as possible. Please continue to send tithes and offerings ____________________ Now is the time to put your property up for sale and on the altar for the final work. Now is the time to get out of the city! My trips to Israel were also to institute preparations for the exodus of Sabbathkeepers to Israel in the very near future. Praise the Heavenly Family for those in Israel who, at the present time, are helping in these preparations!

August 29, 1980

Dear Heirs of the Kingdom:

We have had a busy campmeeting season this year! Our literature evangelists report some very interesting experiences!

For the first time in the history of the Branch movement, the Adventists at the Alaskan campmeeting received Branch literature. Sister Roden flew to Alaska to attend the campmeeting where approximately 1,000 Seventh-day Adventists were in attendance. Even though she was asked not to distribute the literature, Sister Roden was not prevented from doing so, and was invited for dinner by a sister who was given literature. During lunch Sister Roden shared the truth about the Holy Spirit with the other guests present.

The campmeetings in Hawaii, which number four, have never been attended by Branch literature evangelists. There are nearly 4,000 Adventists in the Hawaiian Islands! Tentative plans have been made for Sister Roden to attend the campmeetings!

The believers in Canada attended the Republican Convention in Detroit and distributed literature! Brother Pace was interviewed on Detroit T.V. and a close-up was taken of the literature!

Brother Pace and his sister, Joyce, from Canada, Brother Worrow from Florida, Brethren Ormsby and Ramsay, and Sister Dana Sylvia from Massachusetts joined Sisters Sampson and Mitchell in New York City to distribute literature at the Democratic Convention. We are enclosing the special "flyer" published for the Convention, and the news item in the Waco newspaper about the "flyer."

Could it be that our "protest" of the Catholic plan for America was a factor in preventing the "open convention" plan by Kennedy? The literature ministry is far more important that we realize!

Our literature evangelists hive also distributed literature at many non-Adventist conventions in Texas and California. The Dallas Convention Center, which was the site of the world session of Seventh-day Adventists, has conventions almost continuously, and we have distributed literature at several of them.

At one of the Adventist campmeetings, one prominent Adventist radio broadcaster told one of our Branch evangelists that he (the broadcaster) had approached the guard at one of the campmeettngs and said that he was from the Shepherd's Rod and wished to pass out literature; the guard told the minister that he would have to stand at the gate to do so! The minister said that he did this to find out what kind of spirit the guard had! The minister told our worker that although he didn't see eye to eye with us, he did believe in having the right spirit. This same minister reprimanded some Adventists at a campmeeting who had treated our workers roughly! May our Heavenly Mother bless this minister for his good spirit!

One hundred and twenty of the leading Seventh-day Adventist theologians met in Colorado to deal with, among other things, the Desmond Ford situation. Sister Roden was there for a day distributing literature to the brethren who were in attendance from all over the Adventist world. Let, us ever pray for these leading men that they will accept the truth instead of the delusion the enemy has ready for them that the truth they have will become darkness to them.

Indeed, this campmeeting season has been a very busy one; our workers have distributed literature from Alaska to Nova Scotia, and California to Florida. We are also especially pleased that the northwestern United States had a very good coverage to make up for the years we were not able to work the area. Brother and Sister Hixson and family just returned after two and one-half months of literature evangelism in the northwest and California . . .

A recent United Press dispatch states that "A task force of the National Council of Churches called Thursday for a NEW rendering of the Revised Standard Version of the Bible to eliminate 'sexist' language in reference to God, Christ, and humanity also challenged current usage of REFERRING TO THE HOLY SPIRIT as 'HE,' and urged retranslations which retain either the Greek NEUTER or the Hebrew FEMININE in language about the Spirit." Even the National Council of Churches is helping to teach the truth of the Feminine Image in the Trinity!

Another interesting and timely article states that " the early centuries of the church, archaeological evidence SHOWS WOMEN AS RECEIVING ORDINATION AND EXERCISING MINISTRY ON PAR WITH MEN. The archaeological material is confirmed by written sources."-Witness. Feb. 20, 1980.

The foregoing quote is from an article with pictures showing that the mosaics and frescos, in the caves in Rome, which show women as ministers and priests in the early Christian church. The article reveals that the Catholic hierarchy have changed the women to look like men in the post cards and reproductions. This substantiates the Branch tract, "By His Spirit," which shows Rome took away the "desire of women" and substituted an all male clergy. The article in The Witness was picked up by other magazines, and finally ended up in the secular press in various states and Canada, causing quite a stir!

From Around the World: there is a continuous flow of encouraging letters from various parts of the world! From "The Faith and Life Bible School," Republic of South Africa, a letter from the pastor states, "It was with much interest that I came to read about the existence of your denomination. What sparked my interest was that you also are a Sabbath-keeping group. It is always a joy to know of others who keep the 7th day holy unto God.

"I was wondering if you could send me some of your literature, telling me what you believe and why. And if you have a regular mailing list, that you include my name on it. This would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you ever so much."

On the letterhead of a Seventh-day Adventist church in India, the pastor writes, "Thank you so much for sending me some important and helpful booklets and Branch S.S. book. I am very happy to learn so much and so many new things. I am very grateful to you. I am also using these materials for my 130 members church. What you said in these writings is absolutely correct. I believe firmly. They are guided by The Branch. I am a church pastor of age 27 years, and graduated from Lowry Ministerial Seminar. I would like to have some Prophetic Bible Charts and other important books. I want to learn more about the Branch. Kindly help me in this regard."

The Spotlight newspaper reports that the United Nations is trying to oust Israel from the U.N., claiming that its membership is illegal; the U.N. is also calling upon its member nations to recall all their ambassadors from Israel and to sanction an economic boycott. Truly, the nations are gathered together against Jerusalem as Zechariah 14 prophesies.

We thank you for your faithful prayers and support, and patience in receiving the monthly letters and tithe receipts. Our work is increasing daily; we have reached a climax in our work in times of peace, if the conditions in the Middle East are a barometer of prophecies soon to be fulfilled and God's Kingdom established!

Sincerely yours to endure to the end,

(Mrs.) Lois I. Roden


October 8, 1980

Dear Sister _______:

After two weeks in Israel, we arrived home for the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles, rejoicing in the Heavenly Family's protection and guidance as the Kingdom nears and preparations continue for the "exodus."

We will be making a tape on our experiences soon, and you will receive a copy.

Thank you for your continued support of the message of the hour!

We are encouraged by your continuing literature ministry in the city of New York.

May our Heavenly Father and Mother bless and keep you for Their soon-coming Kingdom!

Sincerely yours in The Branch Family,

(Mrs.) Lois I. Roden


October 17, 1980

Dear Kingdom-bound Saints

On September 14 Sister Roden left for Israel, where she observed the Day of Atonement and the first days of the Feast of Tabernacles.

Following in the footsteps of Jesus, Who also observed the custom of the Jews who for centuries have observed the Feasts of the Sanctuary, Sister Roden went, this year, to Jerusalem to keep the three main feasts-Passover, as commanded by Jesus in 1 Cor. 5:7,8, Pentecost (Lev. 23:15-21), and the Feast of Tabernacles (Zech. 14:16-19).

There were Jews from all over the world in Jerusalem for the holy days, and it was an experience to witness the joyous observance of the festival by so many people! There were over 1,000 Evangelical representatives from Africa, Holland, and Germany "who came to sing the song of Zion and keep the Feast of Tabernacles according to the command in Zechariah 14:16-19. Sister Roden renewed acquaintance with the Rabbi of the Conservative Synagogue, of whom she wrote in the Shavuot Tov leaflet, and he expressed appreciation for the bookcase for his office which The Branch donated to the Synagogue.

Negotiations have been initiated for a location in Jerusalem for those who make the necessary preparation to go to the land of Israel.

During Sister Roden's stay in Jerusalem, she visited with the Church of God brethren who publish the Mt. Zion Reporter. During a discussion about the personality of the Holy Spirit they were pressing very hard with the Scriptures in John which speak of the Holy Spirit as "He." At the providential moment a fine Christian scholar from Jerusalem appeared and proceeded, in a very gentle, kind way to show the Church of God brethren that the Holy Spirit is "She." The scholar stated that in the Aramaic version of John, the Holy Spirit is spoken of as "She," much to the surprise of these brethren!!

After the first week in Jerusalem, Sister Roden was joined by Brother George Roden and daughter, Sharon. Together they traveled to Amirim, where they picked grapes and pomegranates which were planted 17 years ago around their houses. They checked their tractor which is being used for the villagers in Amirim.

Sister Roden arrived home at New Mt. Carmel Center for the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles, which dawned bright and clear after nearly a week of blessed rain which broke the longest, driest hot spell in Texas in recorded history! New Mt. Carmel Center residents praised the Heavenly Family for Sister Roden's safe return, and for the rain which came as a signal blessing to those who were observing the Feast of Tabernacles. The fields are green once again, praise The Branches!

As Jesus was baptized during the Feast of TabernacIes, so also six young people, all residents of New Mt. Carmel Center, followed His example and were baptized into The Branch church family. During the afternoon hour or prayer, in a beautiful wooded area in nearby Cameron Park, having partaken of the emblems of the Lord's body in the Communion Service with the other residents of Mt. Carmel, the baptismal candidates were baptized in a natural spring-fed stream. Those baptized were Karen Doyle, Deborah Kendrick, Rachel Jones, Samuel Jones, Joel Jones, and Timothy Jones. Brother Perry Jones officiated, and Sister Roden extended the right hand of fellowship to the new members of the church as they came out of the stream onto the bank. It was a lovely experience amidst the beautiful trees and bright clear day of the closing day of the Feast of Tabernacles.

Please pray for our young people who have taken their stand for truth and righteousness that they may be like Daniel and Esther of old, that their faith may develop and be strong in the coming crisis!

The Day of Atonement was an high day because it came on the seventh-day Sabbath; it was truly an high day for us here at Mt. Carmel, a real renewal of our dedication to the Heavenly Family and Their work on earth.

After sundown that evening, as we learned learned of the hostility between Iran and Iraq, we pondered very seriously its meaning with regard to Jerusalem and the Kingdom that is to be set up in the time of war (Tract No. 14, "War News Forecast," pp. 22, 24).

On the second day after the end of the Feast of Tabernacles, which is a memorial of the revival and reformation in Nehemiah's day (Neh. 9 and 10), we entered into a solemn fast and signed a covenant with the Lord to be increasingly more aware and obedient to the statutes, judgments, and commandments of the Lord. Read all of Nehemiah 9 and 10, and Timely Greetings, Rev. Vol. 1, No. 10. May our Heavenly Family help each Branch believer to enter into the covenant daily!

On the second day after the end of the Feast of Tabernacles, also an high day for it fell on the seventh-day Sabbath, the 8th Chapter of Romans was read from various translations of the Holy Bible to obtain a clearer, more comprehensive understanding. Sister Roden commented on Romans 8:11 that the experience which Jesus had with the Spirit in being raised from the dead must be our experience while we are living which will change us from being the living dead, in trespasses and sins, to the living righteous in the Spirit.

Sister Roden is emphasizing that as we experience the events of each yearly round of feasts as they relate to the events which transpired in the life of Jesus, we will gain a rich blessing and progress in our own personal experience of sanctification that we may at last be filled with the Spirit's power. This year the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles was on Thursday, which coincides with the first day of the Passover feast as it was in Jesus' day, on Thursday, thus making the day of His baptism, the 16th on Friday, this year, the same as the day of His death, on Friday A.D. 31 and the day of the wave-sheaf offering, the 18th, came on Sunday this year as it did, again, in His time, after which time His 40 day wilderness experience began, paralleled His 40 days with His apostles before Pentecost. Today, we are in that antitypical 40 day period, and Sister Roden is pointing out that during this time we should be trying to overcome the lusts of the flesh by fasting and self-denial in restricting our appetites, passions, and the habits and practices which hinder us spiritually, following our Saviour in faith as He fasted to overcome the enemy for us. The antitypical seven year period is almost half over, and we are rapidly coming to the time in the type when the wave-sheaf were manifested. So our thoughts and purposes should be becoming more centered upon our role in the wave-sheaf ministry which is soon to materialize, at which time we shall live without an intercessor because the blood intercession of Jesus, which is for sin, will no longer be necessary for those who live in the Spirit without sin.

The antitypical 40 day period began September 28 and ends November 6; the antitypical 50 day period ends Sunday, November 16, the time of the antitypical Ceremonial Pentecost, a sabbath day for us.

"The Lord calls for a decided reformation. And when a soul is truly reconverted, let him be rebaptized. Let him renew his covenant with God, and God will renew His covenant with him .... Reconversion must take place among the members, that as God's witnesses they may testify to the authoritative power of the truth that sanctifies the soul."--E.G. White, Evangelism, p. 375. Read also Evangelism, pp. 372-375, Acts of the Apostles, pp. 282.285, and Acts 19:1-6. Finally, those wishing rebaptism for the reason stated may do so. Please write to the Office that arrangements may be made.

May our gracious and long-suffering Heavenly Father and Mother finish in you the work They have begun!

Sincerely yours to prepare to stand without blood mediation,

(Mrs.) Lois I. Roden


November 6, 1980

Dear Sister ____________:

Praise our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother for the marvelous truths They have sent to redeem and resurrect!

Yesterday was a very busy day! Sister Roden spoke to a group of Methodist women at their church, and was pleased to find a very receptive group. In the afternoon Sister Roden was interviewed via telephone by a Dallas radio talk show host who became interested in interviewing Sister Roden after reading an article about her in a Dallas newspaper on October 27. During the day prior to the 2 p.m. interview, spot announcements were made advertising the interview, which resulted in phone call from an Adventist official in the Texas Conference office in Ft. Worth, expressing concern that the interview might be against the Adventist church. Sister Roden assured the brother that we are supportive of the Adventist church, and not trying to tear it down as are others at the present time.

The talk show host interviewed Sister Roden for a short time and then opened the telephone lines to callers. Two callers identified themselves as Seventh-day Adventist ministers, whose main purpose was to make sure that the listening audience knew Sister Roden was not connected with the Adventist church. The other callers expressed disbelief that the Holy Spirit could be the Mother figure of the Trinity. We have made a tape of the interview and a copy will be sent to you.

Even though the callers and even the talk show host expressed disbelief in the Holy Spirit teaching, the seed was sown in a wide area and in the host house of controversy it will grow and bear fruit some day soon!

The Dallas newspaper article is being used as the cover story on our new newsmagazine which will be for public distribution. Please continue to search for articles which we might use in the new publication, which will specialize in bringing to the front an awareness of the identity of the Holy Spirit, using the findings of a broad spectrum of religious researchers who are focusing more increasingly upon the subject.

As you requested, literature is being mailed to you!

May our Heavenly Father and Mother be with you and yours as you seek Their righteousness by obedience to Their requirements.

Sincerely yours in The Branch,

(Mrs.) Lois I. Roden


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